Three Cats Escape

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Three Cats EscapeThree Cats Escape is the latest Room Escape game from the Japanese creator of the Concert series. The game is all written in Japanese and includes many “rooms” to visit: be careful to not get lost! A game dedicated to all cats lovers! Have fun!

Please be patient while the game is loading!

Update: Three Cats Escape walkthrough in comment #55 (thanks Herve!)

By Eric

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58 Comments to Three Cats Escape

  1. zeli says:

    i have Show

    help anyone?

  2. tic says:

    Long loading sequence. Writing this while waiting.

  3. tic says:

    Still waiting… 84% Hope it’s worth it.

  4. Alexa Karuda says:

    I have what you have, zeli, as well as: Show

    I found it Show

  5. monte says:

    I can not get the apple on top of that third level thing. also, the apples get placed on the tree at the beginning of the game. please help

  6. Lev says:

    objects I found:







    I know that:

    what next?

  7. tish says:

    i’m stuck at exactly the same place, anyone figured out what to doo with the green/brown cards and how to get the jar open?

  8. monte says:

    that is the same that i got. i jut keep going round and round at this point

  9. monte says:

    any ideas on those green squares?

  10. Frost says:

    I’m also stuck on the square thought that maybe Show

    Anyone else with any ideas??
    And any idea how to Show

  11. Frost says:

    hah… found out

  12. Frost says:

    wow this is tricky.

  13. monte says:

    call the cats into the room with the box you cant open. place all the kitties on the box, then click fat cat agin to have him sit on the bax. box breaks and you get another apple

  14. Lev says:

    more progress:



  15. Frost says:

    anyone got info on the green squares??

  16. monte says:

    i got 5 apples. i need one more…

  17. Frost says:

    ok some ideas on the green squares:

    has anyone else found anything similar?? or have any other ideas?

  18. blckmgk says:

    its really bizarre but…


  19. monte says:

    which tiles do you flip. i just tried to do it and it didn’t work. provide a screen print if you could

  20. blckmgk says:

    whoa tempted to write a walkthrough but it may take forever…

    anyways i am out. if someone needs specific help just ask.

  21. monte says:

    how do i do those green tiles. i have tried so many things with the 28 and I can not get it to work

  22. Jooster says:

    What do you do with the compass?

  23. blckmgk says:



  24. blckmgk says:



  25. monte says:

    ty. i got the pink heart. now i will try to move forward from here. thaks again

  26. monte says:

    i am still missing an apple?

  27. Jooster says:

    Thank you! :o)

  28. monte says:

    where is the 6th apple

  29. blckmgk says:

    monte: which ones did you get, (ie: where were they?)

    and glad to help people!

  30. monte says:

    alright, i got all the apples and got into the tree. now i am clueless. help me out please. i have playing this game from this morning and can’t finish it. i am not proud of that either…

  31. blckmgk says:

    got into the tree? sorry to ask for clarification… can you elaborate so I know how I can help?

  32. monte says:

    i places 6 apples on the tree, then the door appears in the trunk of the tree. I then go into the door where there is the bike and boxes and garage door. what do i do there. i haven’s used the slingshot yet either?

  33. monte says:

    are you still there

  34. micah1_8 says:


  35. Ozzy says:

    the bike has a red marble or something that you put in the slingshot

  36. micah1_8 says:

    hey, I found a Show

    and I Show

    I’m not sure if it means something but, you can Show

  37. micah1_8 says:

    I’m out!

    enjoy the plinky music.

  38. Bob says:


    Then i’m blocked, there ius the long bar near the garage door but i can’t take it

  39. Bob says:

    Oh yes, click twice on the cat icon.

  40. monte says:

    then call in the cats again. put black cat near the ladder and then hit the fat cat again, then move fat cat onto ladder, then the yellow one, then hit the fat cat to make them leave the room

  41. Alexa Karuda says:

    That leads to a “bad end” though….there must be some way to use the metal pole and get a better ending….

  42. Rosie says:

    i need the one in the box with the shapes. i have all the shapes, but the box wont open… please help.

  43. blckmgk says:

    are you sure it is the bad end?

  44. blckmgk says:



  45. mookie says:

    walkthru PLEASE

  46. Rosie says:

    thx, blckmgk

  47. foodleface says:

    i cant get the trap door open
    but i have the shingshot and the red thing

  48. blckmgk says:



  49. Rebecca says:

    This is boring to w8 for

  50. Duero says:

    I got the bad end when I first went through. But when I went through a second time I got the normal end because I completed the game pretty quickly. However I think there is still something that can be done with that pipe in the garage.