NoNoSparks: The Ark

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NoNoSparks: The Ark is a Puzzle game from BeardShaker by Michael Benrad.

Now, it’s up to you to help build the ark that will save the world’s animals

If you’re familiar with the game of picross, you can jump right in, ignoring the tutorial windows the game uses to teach you how to play.

Use the number clues on the sides of the board to figure out which blocks need to be filled and which remain empty.

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 4.17


4 Comments to NoNoSparks: The Ark

  1. Andy says:

    Difficulty level ramps up quickly. It’d be nice if there were hints available for some of the later levels.

    • Andy says:

      Hints – not just solutions. LOL

      • Toxic says:

        And when you try to restart a picture, rather than clicking all the squares to clear them, it solves it for you!!!
        The problem I’ve always had with ‘picross’ type games is that the picture you’re making bears very little resemblance to what it’s supposed to be… and it’s worse when you’ve no clue either!

  2. WonderWorm says:

    @Toxic – that bothered me, too. I don’t think all the puzzles are solvable without trial and error. Also, it keeps telling me it’s autosaving, but when I come back, I have to start the game over.