Armor – Nuclear Plant

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Nuclear Plant is a Strategy game from Armor Games developed by PPllaayy Games.

Fight off the wave after wave of mutant post nuclear apocalypse critters for cash as you work the laboratory.

Buy upgrades and skills with your hard earned cash!

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 2.31


9 Comments to Armor – Nuclear Plant

  1. joseph says:

    how to get past wave 17 ? – is the question…..

  2. thor94 says:

    Clearly impossible, no wait between waves, we have no time to grow plant and lab. And ennemy give not enough money

    • Karsten Bauer says:

      You CAN beat it, I did it myself without a guide. Show

  3. Andy says:

    Yeah, it gets a bit too hard too fast. You get overwhelmed and can’t do much with the low ammo capacity.

  4. Tony says:

    Great fun, finished it without a problem once I spent my upgrades on protection and health.

  5. TooN says:

    i bet it second try concentrate on the laboratory then go to the plant

  6. Andy Purple says:

    Just get to level 4 in laboratory research and it’s easy. Don’t focus on the plant until you have level 44 in everything but health regeneration and total health. I suggest getting money to level five first so that you can get better guns.

  7. Krautos65 says:

    Any idea how to avoid the “unhappy end”? There seems to be a “happy” version…

  8. Sami says:

    1. research : faster research
    2. research: faster reload

    Forget about faster plant growing and especially health recovery (always buy health for 100 dollars in the shop at any time you need it)

    3. Try to get one or two levels of better aiming and more money.

    GUNS: DONT BUY ANY GUN BUT THE SHOT GUN (you can play it until the game is over. Try to get distance between you and enemies once there are more of them The spread shot of the shot gun is amazing.

    4. The very first research you should complete until level 5 is RELOAD. It is crucial.

    5. in the first 10 levels try to stay in the research lab and do step by step reasearch while reloading your shot gut. It’s easy, press down… then shooot and press down if no more ammo. Try to grow your tree in the first 5 waves (get one or two plant upgrades if you feel like).

    — finished in 4 days and killed the mighty monster tree with shotgun only (level 5 reload!!!!)