No1game – Find the Escape-Men 37

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Find the Escape-Men 37 is a new Room Escape game from the Japanese site No1game.

Collect the 10 Escape men and escape from the room!

This game has one ending.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.44


4 Comments to No1game – Find the Escape-Men 37

  1. hilman says:

    owh… so touchy that escape man is sacrificing himself, and glad that from the breaking news, he’s not seriously injured, and we have electric eel for dinner, lol..

  2. goldie says:

    Done, thnx for posting.

  3. aliceboy says:

    Another quality Escape-Men escape, with the usual humour. But it seemed to go REALLY fast this time…and required at least a little electrical knowledge. :P

    • Ed says:

      Electrical knowledge requirement? sure not. You can’t charge a battery by creating a short, you destroy it. Try it on your car battery. you’ll first see sparks and then it’ll get really hot :P