Sanpoman – Bonefish Game

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After Sand Dunes Game, here is Bonefish Game, the latest Room Escape game from Japanese site Sanpoman.

Have fun!

By Eric

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6 Comments to Sanpoman – Bonefish Game

  1. Anemic says:

    OK for a while, then you find a book and a language barrier.

    • Andy says:

      My thoughts exactly. That seemed like a pretty big piece of info it was trying to convey.

  2. WonderWorm says:

    The book says:

    • SleepyStudent says:

      I thought it that part of the book meant ‘left, right,’ lol.
      But… what does it mean? I’m stuck on that part :(

    • fuegomanchego says:

      Thanks Wonderworm for the translation! Couldn’t have played without it!


  3. aliceboy says:

    One look at the Show

    and I realise this is a longer game than I have time for right now! But thanks to WW for the book translation, anyway.