Hako Robo Room

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Hako Robo RoomHako Robo RoomThe Hako Robo (literally Robots-in-a-cube) are some desktop accessories created by Sega Toys.

They have inspired the author of Hako Robo Room, a very cute Japanese Room Escape game.

Don’t worry about the language barrier in this one: you won’t even need a walkthrough to escape!

A very short game made to be played during a coffee break.

Have fun!

Update: Hako Robo Room walkthroughs in comments #13 and #14 (thanks Misia and Sara!!)

By Eric

current rating 3.75


35 Comments to Hako Robo Room

  1. Sven says:


  2. Sven says:

    Im out

  3. Burneyy says:

    lol that was so easy that even i could make it through without walkthrough

  4. Mickey says:

    Great game…. a relief after al those difficult ones.

  5. JiI says:

    Got the orange thing from the safe but now I’m stuck…..

  6. JiI says:

    Okay, I made pink water in the cup….

  7. JiI says:

    Wait, I’m out. That was a strange one…..

  8. Emma says:

    Aww… im out… and that was a cute game… but kinda strange! and it wiz really easy aswell! owell… good to have an easy game after all these hard ones =]

  9. Matt says:

    Well…I’m embarrassed to say that I have Show

    and I’m stuck.

  10. Mellie says:

    Pour the pink water on the banana peel. Then, turn to the left and look for the X. Use the hammer.

  11. Misia says:

    finish!!!it.s very easy!!!

  12. Misia says:



  13. Sara! says:

    ill make a walkthrough if you need it

  14. BoomBoxer says:

    I tink if u cant finish this game on ur own, u shouldnt be playin this kinda games. Lol.

  15. Ann says:

    OOooooooo BoomBoxer you are cruel to us idiots who need help……..lol

  16. ????? says:

    hey, I can’t open this game……..

  17. Galygo says:

    I can’t open the game either. I have been trying for 3 days.

  18. LACOCAMANGA says:

    i cant colour the water..why not?

  19. Nina says:

    How do u mix the water w/ the paint?

  20. Help me! says:

    How do you mix the water with the paint?

    I have a cup full of water, red tubey painty thing, hammer, scissors, used key, and used paper.

  21. Stacey says:


  22. Chica de la Estados Unidos says:

    Hey how do I see the preview of my post? I can’t figure it out…

  23. Chica de la Estados Unidos says:

    Sorry if this spoiler tag doesn’t work… Here is a full walkthrough with some help from you guys :-)


  24. Chica de la Estados Unidos says:

    Ahh! it didn’t work. Sorry. Edit: Spoiler tags fixed.

  25. Eric says:

    @ Chica de la Estados Unidos – Click the preview button next to the Say it button!

  26. ambii says:

    woo got it!!!!

  27. Robert the Caveman says:

    I don’t understand why you need to Show

  28. Haysters says:

    That Was Soooooo Easy!!

  29. DD says:

    This one was TOO easy. I looked up the walkthrough just in case but it took me all of three minutes to complete this game and a walkthrough was the last thing I needed. LOL Wish more escape games were like this one.

  30. Ada says:

    RTC, you need to Show

    and -ta-da!- your out!

  31. Ada says:

    Whoa! That was almost like a walkthrough! It’s my first time on commenting.COOL!

  32. i won says:

    this game is SO EASY!!! i couldnt figure it out @ first but thn i got it