Grow Island

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Grow IslandGrow IslandOn, the Japanese creator of the infamous Grow series, has just finished a new Grow style game to promote the Shibaura Institute of Technology.

The game is available in both Japanese and English and contains 8 different icons to select one after another, and then observe what happens! Once again, nothing else to do but trying to figure out how to get the perfect score with the right sequence(s).

On wrote about a possible hidden ending: is this a rumor or does it really exist?

Have fun!

Update: Grow Island walkthroughs in comments #1 and #7 (thanks Polpo and Danaroth!)

By Eric

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  1. Polpo says:









  2. hp grl says:

    wow…that was kinda fun to watch while i played

  3. Courtney says:


    This is just the walkthrough with only one show buttone ^-^’

  4. Polpo says:

    hehe I just figured some people might want to just see one or two parts ;-)

  5. Alex says:

    help me where is the order on the grow islands game!

  6. Megan says:

    I am pretty sure there are two people that have it listed!

  7. Danaroth says:

    What On said isn’t just a rumor; this is the ALTERNATIVE ENDING sequence:
    1. Show

    2. Show

    3. Show

    4. Show

    5. Show

    6. Show

    7. Show

    8. Show


  8. Monster says:

    I have come across two “secret endings”, I can only remember how I got to one of them. I put all other details in spoilers below.


    I have also seen another “ending” it happened fast and I don’t have the path to it but there are some details below


  9. Monster says:

    Ahh I looks like 7 is much cooler than my endings. :)

    I guess I was only part way to the alternate.

  10. Polpo says:

    that’s a cool ending. I was halfway towards that ending but I messed up one sequence and the lava overflowed so I figured that the guy chopping down the woods was bad haha

    go figure :-P

  11. Danaroth says:

    I figured it out putting clues together, like a detective work. This are the things I noticed keeping trying and trying:

  12. James Sharpe says:

    Well i found out a way to make you stuck. Like the completed ending Edit: oh and i don’t know how to use spoiler so i might not hide it sorry. Show

  13. Eric says:

    Found at Eyezmaze, On’s site:

    “and about the hidden ending.
    It is very clear one, not kind of ambiguous one.
    It is very difficult to find it.
    You should play your hunches or pay attention to the small changes
    occurring, as there is little rules for the hidden ending.”

  14. a.j. says:

    hahaha sweet game!
    i love the alien part!

  15. hasson says:

    how do i will finished this game

  16. Killer says:

    I found the full alien ending :)

  17. Jeff says:

    If the little guy mates, then sees no incinerator, he chops wood and turns grey. If his wife can’t find it either he turns black, and he starts hacking if there’s already a computer. Is the hacking sequence significant?: does it lead to another secret ending somehow? I can’t find it..

  18. Jay chia says:

    Hmmmm,7 is soooooooo coll,all UFO,lols…but 8 is also quite nice,a ending i got is same as 8,but i wanna improve the computer so the colourful chemical and the computer will mix together…i wonder what will happen O.o

  19. Jay chia says:

    WOW,i jsut tried everyone’s walkthrough and NUMBER 3 is the most perfect ending i’ve seen,the computer and the beaker are connetcted and theres animals!!!MY WISH HAS CAME TRUE,BRIDGE,EAT.HAHAAH

  20. Armingo says:

    OMG! I’d like to live on that island! Sheep are cute. Swans and whale cute also. Funneh when kid nearly killed his dad, then they had a go at him, and then the dad sort of stroked his head XD

  21. call me Dark Fantasy says:

    WOO HOO! THESE GROW GAMES ROCK HARD! If aný one else found another alternative ending plz post it here, k? K? ok? This games rock, Say HOLLA Peace OUT

  22. caniblebob says:

    Why can i not find the game from the link?

    Edit: Link fixed! Thanks for pointing this out. 

  23. jayjaydaman says:

    i have found an ending where everything goes horribly wrong:


  24. oopsy says:

    GROW CUBE Show

    RPG Show


    — other Show


    VERSION 3 Show


    NANO VOL. 2 Show

    NANO VOL. 3 Show

    GROW Show

  25. kris says:


  26. rabidpig says:

    if you start out with the smoke stack the guy gets dumped wonder what happens at the end?

  27. Twilighttophat says:

    Hehe….If he chops the wood and the computer is max he pulls out a laptop and blows up the computer with a virus…

  28. Natz says:

    Heres a different Ending, That I think is way cooler than the other one!!

  29. neil says:


  30. lucy says:

    THIS IS THE SECRET ENDING and its not the alian one Show

  31. mike says:

    woo lucys is the best it works!

  32. evan says:

    lucys doesnt work

  33. evan says:

    woo lucys is the best it works!

  34. Kitty says:

    I love how all the Show

  35. Kitty says:

    Lucys’ idea does not work.

  36. Tomba says:

    Grow 3 remake alternate ending, its cooler than original imo

  37. Alice says:

    just to let everyone know, lucy’s idea DOES NOT WORK
    as far as i know, there are no hidden endings except the alien one

  38. Thomas says:

    in lucy’s work, there is no beaker

  39. misis pumpkin says:

    how will i know hot to become it max all the items???