Escape Green Room

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Escape Green RoomEscape Green RoomAfter Escape Library, Escape Pink Room and Escape Magenta Room, here is Escape Green Room, the latest Russian Room Escape game created by PaskaPet from 2keysgames.

“Your best friend locked you in his room because you think you can escape any room. If you think you have the skills to escape the green room then play your buddy’s game!”

I wonder what color the next room escape game from PaskaPet will be ;-)

Have fun!

Update: Escape Green Room walkthrough in comment #10 (thanks ringy8680 and Roger!)

By Eric

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  1. xlilxminx says:

    IM SORRY BUT IM RELI RELI STUCK!!! please can sum1 help me? i can’t get that block, the one in the [grammaphone]- sorry if that has not come up as a spoiler and has ruined part of ur game, tho u wuldn’t b lookin on this page if u didn’t wanna no how 2 do thaat game, but, yer.

    Anyways, please can sum1 help me!! i no that there is 1 in there, but i dont no how 2 get it!!


  2. Donna Carnall says:

    xlilxminx—-click on the horn part with the hand to make it move back & forth. Keep doing that until it separates from base. It will go into a section at the bottom of the game screen…..double-click on it to bring it up (enlarged). Now keep clicking on the horn until it turns upside down……the block will fall out. Hope this helps! Donna

  3. daking says:

    my gosh that game was easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. lauren says:

    Okay. . after i broke open the glass ball, it won’t let me grab the box, it just makes this noise, even though i highlighted the hand. what am i doing wrong?

  5. lauren says:

    same thing with the horn part. .

  6. LaurenG. says:

    The noise sound like a fart? It means your inventory is full. Go put some stuff back and try again.

  7. Ash says:

    that game took me about 2 hours its unbelievably hard!!!

  8. indespair! says:

    all these walkthrus are really vague,
    how do i open the safe thing? i have an inventory full of boxes and cant get them to go anywhere!

  9. PRINCESS_KIA says:

    how do i get the the 2 boxes from the stool?…or where do i click on the stool to get the boxes?

  10. PRINCESS_KIA says:

    nvm got it

  11. PRINCESS_KIA says:

    but what do i do after all of the boxes are in the safe?????

  12. PRINCESS_KIA says:

    ok nevermind again…what do i do once i get the door behind the bookslef open…i never got any numbers because i didn’t know what to to so i skipped that part.

  13. PRINCESS_KIA says:

    ok nevermind got that part…but what do i do after i get the door behind the booksleft open? and i don’t have any numbers from earlier because i didn’t know how to do that part so i skipped it..

  14. Gia x says:

    when it says pop the stool you dont do that you have to go up to the vent above the stool and pop that with the crowbar. xx

  15. RICK says:

    i cant pop the stool help me plese.

  16. RICK says:

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllp i cant do the light thing.

  17. elin says:

    I need help with the puzzle! please… I can´t figure out how I supose to press!!??^^
    ( the puzzle is int the bookcase) HEEELP!!!

  18. elin says:

    hello!! I need help with the bookcase problem!!^^ I can´t figure out how to press… GRRR!!:@………please help little me!!!

  19. Punto says:

    Yes i’ve finished the game!!!! I’m addicted to these escape games!!

    With the boxes in the safe:

    For the green light game:

    Hope this helps!

  20. Mandy says:

    I cant open the bottom part of the gramophone

  21. Mandy says:

    nvm i got it

  22. Mandy says:

    ugh. i cant get it open again. i forgot to grab the key

  23. Anthony says:

    “justme.” it is not on the stool but in the little vent above it.

  24. Anthony says:

    dude this game iz hard i’m givin up

  25. mbaby says:

    how do you get the box that is next to the desk?

  26. ramona says:

    hello, i had problem taking the brown papers from the lady and i saw that other persons had the same problem. So the trick is : Show

  27. Coral says:

    Wow it is hard…but I like hard games rather than easy games! This game is fantastic anyway.

  28. growl says:

    For a fine good walktrough ringy8680’s is the best.I won the game by some help from it

  29. fleep says:

    any body know to beat the green dotty boxy thingy…..please help im stuk

  30. meep says:

    i cant open the stool and its really irraating!AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

  31. Sarah says:

    i used the screwdriver on the bottom part of the gramaphone about a thousand times and NOTHING HAPPENS! is there a certain way to do it? so frustrated! help!

  32. kayla says:

    help i cant get the box from “the left leg of the desk” can someone elaborate cause ive clicked that vague area a million times and no box

  33. jessica says:

    whereis the gramaphone speaker at?

  34. stella says:

    Very very very very Difficult!

  35. um nty says:


  36. girl says:

    where do you get the lighter

  37. Carrie says:

    I can’t get the door with the lightning bolt open. I only have a blue key and that won’t work. Crobar not working on gramophone cuz I already got the boxes out of it. please help

  38. Tana says:

    For the last part with the Show

    means that you need to use the Show

    Here it is:

  39. karayeah says:

    i cant get past the trapdoor

  40. karayeah says:

    i cant get past the trapdoor thingy T_T

  41. andreaa =) says:

    ok, so green light thing haha ok so some people have said they have managed to turn all the lights off? how exactly do you do this please explain it really simply if posible thanks

  42. ALEX Snyder says:

    ok i really don’t know how to spell all the like weird little esperanzo or whatever letters in the safe! some of the beginning boxes don’t even have the letters of any of those three letter words!

  43. i need help says:

    i need help please. how do i leave the boxes in the safe!

  44. ChocolateCoveredKisses says:

    Helppp! :( i cant get box from beside desk leg :( Waaaa

  45. ChocolateCoveredKisses says:

    The green lights by AliceInDlbrtlnd:

    “Look at your starting lights and note all the positions that are off. Then click on all of those off positions, whether or not they are off at the moment. If that doesn’t work, do the same thing again — note all the ones that are currently off, etc. This has worked for me every time in 1 to 2 iterations.”

  46. ChocolateCoveredKisses says:

    nvm people =( Hav Given Up ! lol Movin Onto Turquoise room =) Wish Me Lukkk

  47. Desperate Housewife says:

    Where do I have to put al those stupid boxes? My inventory is full. Please help!!!

  48. Skittles says:

    Help I can’t get the bag from the lady! Where do I have to click?!

  49. Desperate!!! says:

    I am missing one box and it’s driving me insane, I have gone through the walk through completely and cannot find the missing box…..No lights are coming on as I spell each number, according to the book… going to bed now.. lol!!

  50. Desperate!!! says:

    Never Mind… found the last box, now I need the correct letters…