Escape Green Room

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Escape Green RoomEscape Green RoomAfter Escape Library, Escape Pink Room and Escape Magenta Room, here is Escape Green Room, the latest Russian Room Escape game created by PaskaPet from 2keysgames.

“Your best friend locked you in his room because you think you can escape any room. If you think you have the skills to escape the green room then play your buddy’s game!”

I wonder what color the next room escape game from PaskaPet will be ;-)

Have fun!

Update: Escape Green Room walkthrough in comment #10 (thanks ringy8680 and Roger!)

By Eric

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210 Comments to Escape Green Room

  1. B. Marie. says:

    Oh and…100th!

  2. jade says:

    omg its well hard i cant pop the cushion its to hard and it aches my arm lol xx

  3. losing my marbles says:

    I’m at the final safe (gray). I’m sure I have the right combination, but I’m not sure how to “open” the safe. Does it automatically open?


  4. losing my marbles says:

    ok… i did have the wrong combo. I misread the book.

  5. gddhakt says:

    u cant pop open the stool with the crowbar

  6. Jake says:

    He means opening the vent not opening the stool.

  7. Jake says:

    I need the key to open the lightning door i have a grey 1 but it wont work!


  8. pattie says:

    i need help i have the key from the rug but i dont know where the half square is?

  9. uhyeah says:

    Are there two doors in the ceiling because i have clicked everywhere inside the one to put the latter up and it is not working

  10. uhyeah says:


  11. Crazy And Desperate! says:

    i cant get the stupid crobar to open the stupid bar stool thing!!!!!!!! me and my friend ARE GOING TO DIE IN THIS ROOM!!!!!!! please help.

  12. Cornelia says:

    Hi, I can’t seem to “zoom in” on the rug, nor get the key, allthough I see it lying there.

    And what about the desk chair with the box on it : how can you get it ?

  13. uhyeah says:

    ok dont use the crowbar on the stool use it on [Spoiler]the vent above teh stool, but make sure you nudge the stool as far as it can go left first[spoiler]

    if you cant right click and zoom in then you just need to keep clicking on it eventually it will come

    and the chair well you just keep clicking as fast you can till you get it

  14. uhyeah says:

    the half sqare is in the ceiling on the room to the right

  15. kong says:

    how do i get past the green lights? im having a nervous breakdown!!!!!

  16. Elyth says:

    I cant get the bag!!!

  17. Elyth says:

    I scare her and she drops it but then i cant pick it up! How do i get it!!! please help me…

  18. hay hay says:

    how do u do the puzzle when u have found all of the boxes

  19. Paula says:

    when I knock over the fax paper…
    the box doesn’t appear!
    why is that?
    Is the last one I need!

  20. fagg says:

    how do i get the stupid key. it wont lemme >:(

  21. Niky says:

    does any one now how to pass the puzzle? i can’t get past it. please help

  22. Kristie says:

    ermm… how do you open the left stool in the office room??

  23. NANCY says:

    I CAN’T GET THE PURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ANY CLUE ON HOW TO GET IT!!!! please!!!!

  24. problem solver says:

    this is for anyone having trouble with the dumb lady..after MUCH frustration and wanting to beat her with that stupid little umbrella, i got my revenge so here it is..


    hope it helps. good luck!

  25. Rbud says:

    Yeah, problem solver, it helps if you read ALL the posts, huh? I am currently trying to solve the green light puzzle – there is so much help here – now I have them all OFF and am ready to plunge back in and try some more. Wish it would reset when you back off and come back, or something.

  26. Rbud says:

    Yay, finally made it out! But I was fearful that I would have to go around putting everything I had left back, like the note at the start asked – wondered how to

    Thanks to all for help!

  27. problem solver says:

    glad you made it out Rbud!! thats always a great feeling huh?

  28. sarahh says:

    okay, not bad.

    for the stool:

    for the green light game:

    and finally, for the safe and ladder:

  29. shelly says:

    what the hell is the comonation th the thing is the secret room?

  30. SkIttLeSchicK94 says:

    on the green dot thing it seems tht they take away 4 and add 1 somewhere else. i learned tht if you click and keep clicking on the 1ns tht rnt green/lit up, you will eventually get them all green.

  31. peg says:

    can someone just tell me how the boxes go in the safe please i’v been doing this for a half hour please and thank you

  32. Rock says:

    I can’t get the gramaphone open, no matter where I use the screwdriver! Help!

  33. Teh Lyssa Dandylion says:

    I’m having a bit of trouble clicking…

  34. great escaper says:

    this will solve the green puzzle on the shelf. set the rows and columns to 4. then, click the squares that correspond to the not-green dots on the puzzle. hit set, then solve, and click the ones it tells you to. if it doesn’t work the first time, do it again with what’s left, and it should work.

  35. KAtieee says:

    put blocks behind the pictue, cut string with scissorsss

  36. Ged says:

    you need to actually open the safe first before you can put your boxes in just click the handle a couple of times and it will open then store all your boxes safely away

  37. Ged says:

    re gramaphone, pick up the base so its in your inventory then click it so its up on screen then use the screw driver n the rhs scre on the brass/gold plate on the front revealing a key hole

  38. Susie says:

    No matter what upper left hand corner I go to, the latter will not work.

  39. Susie says:

    Help with Ladder Here!

    [spoiler] I got stuck at this part. The brown door you are looking for is inside the room with the lightening bolt door. The room where the safe is that you got the jack thing to lift the book case. In this little room is where the brown door in the left hand part of the ceiling is. Click up there.[/spolier]

  40. Susie says:

    Finally! I got out. Thanks to everyone for the help!

  41. tonkatoy says:

    Shew, that was frustrating. Thanks to all for your hints on HOW to do some things. The lady in particular! And I left with the blank check and the $2 – serves him right for locking me up like that. *sticks tongue out*

  42. icebeauty says:

    am i the only one who have problem with taking cristal ball?
    i am not able to find it from the file cabinet

  43. Sasa says:


  44. _-_-***Emo_kid_(lostsoul...)***_-_- says:

    === ====
    === =====
    === = =
    === = =
    === = =
    === = =
    === = =
    === ======
    ======= ====

  45. Savanna says:

    Thank you ringy8680 you really helped me.

  46. anomonous says:

    Help i cant get the box from the grammaphone i click all over but it wont work

  47. anomonous says:

    the crystal ball isnt in the filing cabinet it is in the book shelf!!!!

  48. Deb says:

    I reached the safe room but it’s dark and i can’t find the safe. Please help!!!

  49. Tiana says:

    waahhhhhhhhh i cant get the vent open… not even with the crow bar… HELP!!!

  50. Kendar says:

    I am still having the hardest time with the light game. Does someone want to come over and beat it for me? lol