Bluesolt – Noho Noho 2

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After Noho Noho, here is  Noho Noho 2,  the latest Room Escape game from Bluesolt.

Like its predecessor, Noho Noho 2 comes with two different endings.

Have fun!

By Eric

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9 Comments to Bluesolt – Noho Noho 2

  1. WonderWorm says:

    Found 3 objects, lost on all the clues. Anyone figure out any codes?

  2. annie says:

    Yes, the little picture in the easel by the entry doors goes with the magnets on the menu board. use these to get behind the Guiness picture. Show

    • annie says:

      Behind the Guiness picture you find…Show

    • annie says:

      Btw-you do not need to translate the yellow clue, just…Show



    • WonderWorm says:

      Thanks. Yellow clue?

      • annie says:

        I’m sorry, the “yellow clue” is the piece of paper you find in the safe in the bottom of the closet by the low tables.

        Code to get into that safe…Show


      • annie says:

        Sorry, the “yellow clue” is the piece of paper you find behind the code panel (once you get it turned on and code entered) in the closet by the low tables.

        Turn the code panel on with switch found…Show

        When code panel has been turned on…Show

        Code is…Show

  3. annie says:

    I was up too late last night working on what I think is the last code, the flower box on the counter, but I never did get it right. If someone figures that one out, please post a spoiler. Thanks!

    • annie says:

      Ok, I went to EG24 and found the solution and even then it took me a while to figure out how it made sense. I wanted to mirror the whole circle, but that’s wrong.

      Mirror each symbol individually vertically, leaving them in their original positions on the circle. Then number them according to the photo-flip book by the exit doors. Finally, using the star on the flower box to orient position, push petals in 1-6 order.

      Should be…Show