Utopian Mining

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Utopian Mining is a Motherload-like game where you have to “mine around as a mining robot, earn money, buy better hardware and complete missions. “

It won’t take you very long before you find the Core-Ore, but the overall experience is well worth a try for fans of the genre.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.29


9 Comments to Utopian Mining

  1. Toxic says:

    Simple looking game, yet strangely addictive…

  2. merynia says:

    What’s with the Flash Player permission request thing? Whenever I press X on the tree, or by reaching the COre, I get an Adobe Flash Player popup warning me that your site requests permission to store information on my computer. And I cannot either allow nor deny it to make it go away (I want to deny it of course!!)

    So I don’t quite know how the game ends :( Enough with the Big Brother attitude, please, quit trying to store whatever it is in other people’s computers.

    • Eric says:

      If you get a message from Flash Player asking permission to store information, it basically means that the game wants to save some information on your computer, not the site that hosts the game.

      There is no Big Brother attitude here, just a few guys behind the scene who try to bring you fresh games every day!!

      • merynia says:

        Well, I thank you very much for the games and all the work you guys do, and I mean it.

        However the message reads “www. freegamesnews. info is requesting permission to store information on your computer” . Hadn’t noticed it is .info and not .com, nevertheless it has the same name as this site, so it’ll be either it or someone impersonating it. I guess it should be checked because I’ve never encountered it before on this site and it strikes me as suspicious that a game should want to store information when there is no need to. I mean, I’m not saving the game progress or anything like it. Just pressed X or finished the game. And I was playing the game at http:// www. freegamesnews. com/ en/ games/ 2012/ UtopianMining .php so it’s not unexpected that one should associate it with the site.

        Anyway, thanks for the prompt reply.

      • Eric says:

        FYI, the game is stored on freegamesnews.info, where we host all our .swf (Flash) files. Fear not, again, the game just wants to store some information (progress?) on your computer and we have nothing to do with that.
        It happens once in a while and we noticed that several times already on our side with some games.
        Bad coding? No idea. You may want to contact the developer for more information about what’s going on here.

  3. merynia says:

    Alright. Thank you.

  4. isaiah says:

    how do you exit the shop because it has me stuck and my computers not glitchy

  5. oma says:

    how to leave shop….