Sneak Thief 5 – Final Five

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Sneak Thief 5 – Final Five is the fifth and last installment in the Sneak Thief Room Escape series from Pastel Games.

Find out what is the world’s greatest invention is this final mission!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.44


5 Comments to Sneak Thief 5 – Final Five

  1. Rick says:

    Love Pastel….short but fun.

  2. Anemic says:

    A bit of a pixel hunt in places, but just make sure to run your mouse everywhere on every screen. Could use a mute button, too.

    Otherwise, an interesting series.

  3. Tan23 says:

    Too bad you can’t retrieve the frog.

  4. Gameseeker says:

    All that for a cup of coffee