Five Beast Pagoda

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Five Beast PagodaFive Beast PagodaFor all Room Escape games fans, here is Five Beast Pagoda, a new Japanese game by created by Masato Miura, the author of Dream Electricity.

Explore the five floors pagoda and save your progress with your own passwords. You will have to solve several puzzles and collect orbs to unlock the different floors.

This one looks nice and I have the feeling that the language barrier shouldn’t be a major problem to complete the game since I’m already on the third floor, surrounded by a lot of fish…

Have fun!

Update: Five Beast Pagoda walkthrough in comment #10 (thanks BoMuChan!)

By Eric

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26 Comments to Five Beast Pagoda

  1. Lyna says:

    i’m stuck at the next room…

  2. mammy says:

    Iam in the garden…what next.?

  3. whatsername says:

    i am in the room trying to get the sword… do u want help knowing how i got there?

  4. BoomBoxer says:

    I have the Mallet and the “bowl” with blue liquid in it in the first room. now wad?

  5. BoomBoxer says:

    oh nvm. i din realize the doors can be dragged. lol

  6. BoomBoxer says:

    Okay completed. this is the weirdest illogical game i hav ever played. lol

  7. BoMuChan says:

    I’m stuck in the room with sword too…what should I do next?

  8. BoMuChan says:

    Hooray! I ‘ve got the sword now! by…

  9. BoMuChan says:

    Leve 4 = Someone pleae tell me, what should I do with the five steps and butterflies?

  10. BoMuChan says:

    Oh I’m finished now! here is my walkthough (please forgive for my grammar..I’m not English speaker)

    Level 1…






    Level 2 …





    Level 3…



    Level 4…





    Level 5…




  11. pOlo says:

    i cant get the sword!
    how do you have to drive the hook?it is always to much in the back but it does not get more in the front

  12. BoMuChan says:

    Dear pOlo …to grasp the sword …


  13. chichi says:

    hey, I cant get the green ball in level 3. When I enter the same time as the computer clock and click at the arrow, nothing happends. Any hints???

  14. chichi says:

    got it!!! I restarted the game……

  15. Jade2 says:

    BoMuChan: thanks for the walktrough…….

  16. Jenny says:

    Where is the frog ??? i can’t see it anywhere

  17. Chris says:

    Entering the time on level 3 is just not working. Can someone post the password to start from level 4 please since it’s apparent I’m never passing level 3.

  18. Karen says:

    Hi Chris, I had the same problem. Till I started to play in the P.M. (and could fill out 4 digits) and it worked. My saving is karen2.

  19. Diana says:

    I finished this game with the help of BoMuChan’s walkthrough. :) Thank you so much, BoMuChan!! :D



  20. Chris says:

    Thanks Karen, it worked this time! I could swear I tried this puzzle in the PM hours but maybe not. I saw on another forum that if the time involves zeroes you should skip them. So if the time is 2:04PM it should be entered as 144. I never tried this but it could very well work too. Glad I got to see the rest of this game.

  21. Gilligan says:

    Where is the frog in level 1?

  22. Gilligan says:

    Sorry, didn’t read first part of walkthru – i found it.

  23. BoMuChan says:

    Dear Gilligan,

    I’m sorry for my “non-continuous” walkthrough . It’s all my fault.
    It’s only my “first” time to post in this web and I don’t know exactly how to hide the spoiler. So, I have to test with a short text first. Please forgive me ^ ^

    Hope you will understand..

    And dear Webmaster/ could you move them together? Thank you in advance.

  24. Eric says:

    BoMuChan – Your walkthrough is now complete in comment comment #10.
    I deleted the other comments to make things more obvious.
    Thanks a lot for your help!

  25. BoMuChan says:

    Thanks a lot .. Eric

  26. DNOMN8R says:

    Thank you for the walkthrough BoMuChan! I really needed it.