Tomatea – Ludo Room Escape

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After After Rain, here is Ludo Room Escape, the latest Room Escape game from Tomatea.

Have fun!

Ludo Room Escape walkthrough (thanks WonderWorm!)

By Eric

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10 Comments to Tomatea – Ludo Room Escape

  1. Ed says:

    Stuck with 4 letter and number puzzle. Can’t find a clue for those and non of the combinations/words did work. Also not sure what turning the wooden block means. Is it a clue or does something happen that I just missed?

    Help would be appreciated.

  2. EllenD says:

    I love Tomatea games and hate being dense. But Show

    I gather it’s the Show

    I’ve been trying every conceivable way to turn that thing and nothing. Help!

  3. EllenD says:

    Oh, for goodness sake! Gotta love Tomatea! NOW I got it! Show

  4. Fnitter says:

    Done! Not the toughest from TomaTea but still fun :)

  5. aliceboy says:

    Another very decent Tomatea game! Great look, excellent puzzles, and really this is the first time I’ve ever been surprised by a cool idea in one of these: the Show

    was really pretty clever…and I even needed Gissa’s help to get it. :P Thanks, Gissa.

  6. WonderWorm says:

    Just in case, here’s a WALKTHROUGH:

    Window scene: Show

    Door scene: Show

    Bookshelf scene: Show

    Maze scene: Show

    Window scene: Show

    A few more things: Show

    Finishing it up: Show

    Code help (the first link in each pair is a hint, the second is the answer):
    Number code: Show


    Color/size code: Show


    Letter code: Show


    Shape/color code: Show


    Green dot code: Show


    Six dots code: Show


    Yellow bear code: Show


    Color/direction code: Show


    Maze: Show