Cave Escape

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Cave EscapeCave Escape is a new Room Escape game from GamesHandbook.

“You and some friends have been trapped in a cave. You must help out your friends and discover what lies beneath to escape”. Good luck and have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comment #9 (thanks Angie!)

By Eric

current rating 2.50


30 Comments to Cave Escape

  1. mjn says:

    nice game,,, but veeeeeeeeeeeery hard though!!
    o hope 2 escape soon

    but because i’m the first 1

    here’s a hint

  2. Mickey says:

    Have no time to play now… but will come back later!!!!

  3. nitrox says:

    third!, but the game is very glitchy, i cant finish the cave painting, and the man w the rope dissapears and dosnt get saved? any 1else getting that too?

  4. michael says:

    yeah, same stuff, i’ve got everything but the bats and the boulder, but everything goes back the way it was except the painting and the inner tube

  5. michael says:

    heres what i have:

    snake Show

    man in river Show

    cave painting Show

    jumping man Show

    boulder Show

  6. michael says:

    oh yeah…

    man in river Show

  7. michael says:

    sloth Show

  8. michael says:

    ok here’s the end, sorry i’ve never written a walkthrough or anything but for what its worth Show

    hope this was helpful, like i said this was my first time writing down clues, if anyone wants to take what i wrote and make it a real walkthrough thats fine.

  9. Angie says:


  10. Mickey says:

    Tip: when you give the man the rope to save the other man. Only click the man who is to be saved when the bats have gone. Otherwise you can’t finish it correctly.

    Oh yeah…. when the sloth is gone you can click the man next to the skeleton and he will hit the skeleton and a short movie of where the dynamite is hidden will start.

    And… good work on the walkthrough Michael.
    It’s not an easy job because you have to wright it so everybody understands it.
    Maybe more people should try to post walkthroughs (even if they haven’t finished yet).

  11. michael says:

    thanks mickey, i didn’t see the movie though, i ought to play again just to watch it. i also didn’t catch the correlation to the bats and the man with the rope, i just knew there was a little glitch

  12. nitrox says:

    srry but ive seen better graphics, games, and not so many glitches. i had to reload it 3 times, it kept gliching. 1.5/5

  13. BoomBoxer says:

    quite an ez game (: short too. bad graphics tho.

  14. Sara! says:

    Pretty easy, but If u gave the person an item and left, you had to restart the game.

  15. whatsername says:

    The game was sooo F********* glitchy

  16. Kelly says:

    HELP!!!!! The sloth is not leaving

  17. PJ says:

    i have written many walkthroughs and you did a good job

  18. Freja says:

    I don’t get it. when I have finish the puzzle, I will go to the skeleton. And when I click on him he would fall? but he don’t fall! what am I doing wrong? I’m stuck, please help me!!

  19. Angel says:

    any 1 no how, or where ur suppose 2 touch the skeleton, cuz i did the puzzle and now i can get him 2 fall over, any 1 y???

  20. rikke says:

    Stupid touchy game..I could NOT give the man the rope no matter where I clicked on his hands,neither did the falling-over-skeleton work,grrrr…I give up:´(

  21. blakeman says:

    i cant get passed lvl 10 and can someone help me with lvl 10

  22. torkil says:

    to get the man hold the rope, give the right hand the uppermost part of the rope

  23. Georgia says:

    please help me! I need a walkthrough for level 3 i no its lame to be stuck this early but i cant get my head around it someone please help!! T_T

  24. umear says:

    im on level 26

  25. ShadowRUE says:

    the hat floats around in a circle >.> like….ghost hat. Now it caught the snake and the snake s floating >.>

  26. Peter says:

    How do i scare the sloth?

  27. Badger says:



  28. amelia says:

    i need a walkthrough grrrr…..

    anyhelp ?

  29. Jamie says:

    This is the stupidest game ever. It is so glitchy! I hate it!!!!

  30. Anya says:

    Okay… Near the end…
    So when you Show

    After this you Show

    Also… there isn’t really a glitch in the game. the only time i thought i got 1 was when I Show

    You MUST Show

    Hope this helps