Choko-Chai – Doll’s Festival

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Doll’s Festival is the latest Room Escape game from Choko-Chai, the author of the Three Cats series.

Help the three cats find the dolls’ missing parts stolen by Mousey!

Have fun!

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By Eric

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17 Comments to Choko-Chai – Doll’s Festival

  1. hilman says:

    cute, as always.. :D

  2. WonderWorm says:

    What do I do with Show

  3. sdm says:

    WET TOWEL ?Code 4 fridge ? Blue box ? Drawer in d kitchen ? Paper marked wid pins ? Paper lamp ? Pl. helppppp.

    • dg says:

      You’ll only be able to use some of the items after you’ve advanced.
      Paper w/pins: Show

      Blue box: Show

  4. dg says:

    Perfect end. Spent lots of time not knowing what to do…

  5. goldie says:

    Where is the green paper, and the cats don’t do nothing at the spots that glows, help please, thnxxx.

    • dg says:

      Glowing spot: Show

      I don’t remember exactly the paper colors, but Show

    • WonderWorm says:


  6. goldie says:

    Thnxx dg,you are so kind to help me.

  7. Jelli Torres says:

    Right now I have Show

    Is there one more? Where do I put them so they can come together?

  8. Jelli Torres says:

    Now what do I do with the cheese…?

  9. goldie says:

    And out, that was hard, thnxx .Perfect and.

  10. WonderWorm says:

    Looking for a place to assemble the paper strips and want to know what to do with the wine crates.

  11. juice says:

    I’m totally stuck with the paper strips! HELP!!

  12. Shrike says:

    Paper strips:

    Number: Show

    What to do with them: