Minoto – Ugly Duckling 5

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Fans of Minoto, rejoice: Ugly Duckling 5, the latest Minoto’s Point’n’Click Adventure game is live!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.16


10 Comments to Minoto – Ugly Duckling 5

  1. Rob says:

    Easy, as usual.

  2. Grootmoeder says:

    Short and easy and sweet.

  3. Woody says:

    Oh! too short:-(

  4. Ehhhhh says:

    In and out. Too short, and too easy.

  5. teddy says:

    Minoto, have you died and put someone else in charge? These last 5-8 games have not been of your early standard AT ALL. Still look for your games but am now always disappointed. Please, PLEASE go back to the old you and design longer harder and more coherent games.

    • MissD says:

      Totally agree with Teddy here. Soon I won’t even look at these games anymore. They used to be great, but it just sinks lower and lower.

    • Jonhk says:

      Agree!!! I love those earlier games , lots of lovely characters, funny story,……… but recently all disappointing

  6. goldie says:


  7. woodbinecats says:

    ugh used to be fun, now just a waste of time. Can’t even give it an honest one rating. Boring, and no point. Please bring back the old style minoto games!