Find The Escape Men 26: Flight Part 1

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Find The Escape Men 26: Flight Part 1 is a new Room Escape game from Japanese site No1game.

“This time, you are seated in the plane before takeoff. Find the 10 Escape-Men around your seat!”

One ending here…

Have fun!

By Eric

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12 Comments to Find The Escape Men 26: Flight Part 1

  1. Sandra says:

    I can´t load it…like every Find The Escape Men. *sob*

    • Sol says:

      Do you have an ad blocker maybe? Or a privacy browser extension like Ghostery?
      For me, the game only loaded once Ghostery was turned off.
      Seems content blocking can also block contents you actually want to use.

  2. goldie says:

    I have 9 escape men, where is number 10????.

  3. goldie says:

    I fly away.

  4. Richard Dubya says:

    i found 7 already, no idea where to find more, i dont understand what code to use either

  5. dg says:

    10th greeny: Show

    Additional explanation: Show

  6. sdm says:

    what,s d no. for C ?