Laser Tsuuro

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After Chikarou 2, here is Laser Tsuuro, the latest Room Escape game from The Shanty of Escape Games.

“You are locked in a room with lasers…”

Have fun!

Laser Tsuuro walkthrough (thanks dg!)

By Eric

current rating 3.89


2 Comments to Laser Tsuuro

  1. dg says:

    Nice, logical game. Here are some hints and solutions:

    Puzzle 1, hint 1: Show

    Puzzle 1, hint 2: Show

    Puzzle 1, hint 3: Show

    Puzzle 1, solution: Show

    Puzzle 2, hint 1: Show

    Puzzle 2, hint 2: Show

    Puzzle 2, solution: Show

    Take paper clue from box.

    Puzzle 3, hint 1: Show

    Puzzle 3, hint 2: Show

    Puzzle 3, hint 3: Show

    Puzzle 3, solution (row, column): Show

  2. JayD1984 says:

    Solved. Never needed hints – you just need time to think it through, and the answers will come to you. Example is when I found the solution to the first puzzle through accidental thought.