Gotmail – Rival

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Rival is the latest Room Escape game released at Gotmail, where you can play all IDAC’s games.

For an unknown reason unless you read Japanese, you find yourself locked in an unknown place.

Look around for useful items and eventually find a way to escape from “Rival”!

In Japanese only.

You must register at to play the game (if you are not already a member of Gotmail). If you don’t want to register, enter email address [email protected] with password pwdgotmail

Have fun!

By Eric

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7 Comments to Gotmail – Rival

  1. YY says:

    finally out!! it takes me nearly an hr to escape… ><ll quite difficult that i dont no japanese… if there's eng version, it's much better…

  2. Lorena says:

    too hard, I’ll better wait for the english version

  3. Jonhk says:

    From those DVD titles, I guess the left 4 are beethoven’s symphonies , and 4 on the right are Seasons…..but stuck ….can’t open the DVD player…

    • YY says:

      hi, jonhk,
      did u get the DVD which is placed Show

      after u got the DVD, u can see that there are Show

      u can enter these 4 numbers to open the DVD player.

  4. WonderWorm says:

    Some Japanese help:
    When you have batteries in the remote, it has four modes: Show

    When you have the TV and DVD player on and the DVD in, Show

    The note in the drawer in the bedroom says Show

    Code for box, for those of you who don’t know the solfege: Show

    Also, use the flashlight Show

    I’ll try to finish later, but help would be appreciated.

  5. Teresa says:

    Ok, I have Show

    Any suggestions?


  6. Teresa says:

    I did it! Thanks for the tip re the CD.
    Let me know if I can help anyone back.