Asteroids Revenge 3

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Asteroids Revenge 3Asteroids Revenge 3Inspired by the original Asteroid’s Revenge Arcade game, Asteroids Revenge 3 is the third installment in the Asteroids Revenge series created by Adam Schroeder.

“Humans have declared war on all asteroids in the universe. Protect your friends and innocent asteroids in your belt!”

You control the largest asteroid with the arrow keys or with your mouse. Crash into ships or mines to destroy them and avoid bullets. Use your mouse wheel or the Z and X keys to control your allies.

The game features 25 levels, boss and five power ups that are available after each level. Easy and fun to play, Asteroids Revenge 3 is a very nice re-interpretation of a classic game.

Have fun!

By Eric

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  1. Tips and tactics are available here –

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  2. cheese says:

    i hate the ending if you die without 3000….

  3. chandler says:

    big secret!