Bloons Tower Defense

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Bloons Tower DefenseBloons Tower DefenseFor those who get tired of shooting balloons in the Bloons series, Ninjakiwi has just released a new Tower Defense game based on the Bloons world.

Use the dart, tack, ice, bomb or superman towers to stop any balloons from escaping the maze. You can upgrade your towers or sell them for 80% of what you paid for them. Beware of the larger balloons that move faster and contain smaller balloons inside!

There is no real innovation in this game, but Bloons TD is challenging and you will probably need patience and practice to reach the 50th and last level of this game!

Have fun!

By Eric

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285 Comments to Bloons Tower Defense

  1. Jawbreaker says:

    EASY finish it the second time at work, with 5 super monkey^^and one dart!!
    i sold all the dart when i was in the 48 round and bought super monkey.After that no need to stress!! super monkeys rocks

  2. Chad Brucker says:

    Beat Level HARD with 43 lives left……… 5 cannons, 5 boomerangs, 2 ice towers, 2 monkeys, and 1 tack tower.

  3. Bloons Guardian says:

    I Won with all my lives 3 supermonkeys 16 tack towers 4 cannons and 14 monkeys

  4. LIAMPX says:


  5. craig marshall says:

    i got to level 47 with 3 super monkeys 0 freeze, 0 tacks, 2 monkeys and 0 cannons and i had 3074 in money.

  6. brendan says:

    i just beat level 50 with super monkeys, 11 monkeys, 1 needle thing, and 1 cannon.

  7. matthew says:

    i beat it with 7 super monkeys and 40 lives

  8. Dan Eide says:

    Finished level 50 with 6 supermonkeys, 3 dart towers (Fully upgraded), 4 tack towers (fully upgraded), 1 freeze (Fully Upgraded) and 1 Bomb tower with extra range! All I did was just get 1 dart tower and fully upgrade it and just keep getting those and upgrading them and once you save up and get 20 fully upgraded dart towers you can sell them all when u have a break and then buy 2 super monkeys then just keep going and going with the dart towers till you finish lvl 50 with about 8 super monkeys and 2 fully upgraded D-towers

  9. CheatSearch says:

    wanna download?

  10. someone you dont know says:

    Guys the tip for bloons TD is, get the hypersonic monkeys, but DO NOT buy epic range, just get 4 hypersonic monkeys, and the game is done for you. I just beat all 50 rounds, 40 lives, 4 hypersonic monkeys, 3 tackshooters, 13 dart towers, and 2 cannons. The key to this game, is to get the dart upgrades, and keep everything short range except takshooters.

  11. jonathan says:

    I BEAT THE GAME!!!!! There are 50 levels I beat it with 2 super monkeys, 4 cannons, and 56 regular dart monkeys. The cheat is to put a lot of monkeys at the START and give them there two darts. You will see you will be making a lot of money fast. Then buy a super monkey and the game is so eazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  12. iz says:

    i got
    64 normal monkeys..
    1 super monkey
    1 pink
    1 canon…

  13. jonny p says:

    lol level 50 isn’t actually that hard, don’t waste your money on tack towers,get a few if you want, just get tons of normal ones and a couple of cannons.Try and save up for the super monkey, put it near the middle of the screen and buy EPIC RANGE. sorted till about level 42- buy another super. also having a freeze tower near the end of the track thing and within range of a cannon saved me from losing on level 31 but i could have made up for it with more monkeys for the same price.

  14. adame says:

    jusst fill the middle with monkeys [picercing darts] and then get $1000 and sell all your monkeys then get a super monkey no extra range do this over and over and over untilyou get seven super monkeys you will win in about 30 minutes

  15. Serra says:

    In BTD2 I’ve won multiple times, I just use road spikes. Make sure to set them before hand at the end!

  16. Daniel says:

    I won it with 50 normal monkeys 10 super monkeys 3 cannon and 4 ice every thing full upgraded. press F1 when playing and get 10 super monkeys.

  17. tyler says:

    i beat three times first time beat with no live lost
    second time beat with ten lives lost
    and finally thrid i beat it with 2 lives left

  18. ashley says:

    i completed it easyy :)

    lots and lots of dart monkeys is the key.
    i finished with over 30 dart monkeys
    3 super monkeys
    4 cannons
    6 pink things
    NOTE : YOU DONT NEED THE ICE BOMB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. reaganr says:

    i need money cheat who can help me?

  20. Joseph says:

    ok guys, you need no cheats, all you do is just mass basic monkeys and max them out once u get about 15 sell till you get 4000 gold, with that buy a sonic and repeat, but epicrange is a waste imo, just mass monkeys, i beat the game with 4 supers monkeys and 18 monkeys full upgraded

  21. Tara says:

    what do you do at level 45? it just ended for me

  22. Nicko says:

    i cama to level 74 with no monkeys… only tacks and canons

    1. buy a lot of tacks
    2 buy 2 canons
    3. buy a monkey beakon and uppgrade it so u have the monkey storm
    4. hope that ur pc dosnt lag to death

  23. some1 says:

    i beat the game a million times w/ just darts. its fun. all u c is monkeys + they all add to create something like a supermonkey

  24. i have no name says:

    heh heh im still on level 34 and i have 25dart towers, (lol) 2 cannons, 1 ice tower, and 2 tack towers

  25. i have no name says:

    wait i completed the game. With 59 dart towers,2 cannons,2 ice towers,2 tack towers,and 2 super monkeys. with 2093 coins and 23 lives.

  26. i have no name says:

    =) but i completed it at 9:24 pm!
    on number one.

  27. anonymus says:

    A way to win no matter what:

  28. darcy obrien says:

    i won using only 3 trak towers or wateva ther called
    but i used a cheat which means all of the trak towers go hyper sonic like super monkey but cheaper

  29. matt says:

    there is a new version called bloons tower defence 3 and also another one that is bloons tower defence 4 ( bloons td 4 is really cool ) [:)]-<--< click on spoiler for help on how to get $30,000 and lvl up your career rank by 6-8 Show

  30. Nathan says:

    I’m at level 91 so far in free play! And still going! after plasma monkeys, the secret upgrade is…Show

    I’ll publish an image somewhere

  31. Tray says:

    i won the game on expert only using 1 dart monkey the whole game:put the monkey at the very end of the track. But for some weird reason it doesn’t work on easy. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………………… .

  32. Tray says:

    HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON’T LIKE MY PICTURE I’M NICE UNLIKE THAT GEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. ymu says:

    heres a cheat. you grab a item click on the right of the mouse,and drag the item to a possible area. make sure that area is the road. click and the item is on the road

  34. Lexi says:

    Can you get more lives, somehow?