Bloons Tower Defense

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Bloons Tower DefenseBloons Tower DefenseFor those who get tired of shooting balloons in the Bloons series, Ninjakiwi has just released a new Tower Defense game based on the Bloons world.

Use the dart, tack, ice, bomb or superman towers to stop any balloons from escaping the maze. You can upgrade your towers or sell them for 80% of what you paid for them. Beware of the larger balloons that move faster and contain smaller balloons inside!

There is no real innovation in this game, but Bloons TD is challenging and you will probably need patience and practice to reach the 50th and last level of this game!

Have fun!

By Eric

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  1. Joe Glidden says:

    9 TACKS

    32 LIVES

  2. Abby says:

    Completed the whole game :D
    & it was only my second time playing, its really easy actually.
    Just SAVE your money. And have a good strategy, like place your tacks/darts/supermonkeys at corners.

    and when i had extra cash i got bored and placed darts everywhere (: then sit back and watch balloons pop ! good luck

    here’s some screenshots:
    (yeah my lifes left are kinda pathetic, cos at the first few rounds i kinda sucked but oh well)

  3. bOmbEr says:

    I just finished the game again, this time USING ONLY REGULAR MONKEYS. In the end, I had:
    • 36 Monkeys
    • 38 Lives
    • $14248 Cash
    Some guy said he did only with regular monkeys and I wanted to try it. Didn´t buy any other kind of tower, upgraded all for piercing and no range at all. The 2 lives were a silly lose for bad strategy in the beginning.
    From sometime around level 40 I stopped buying and kept saving all incoming money.

  4. woohoo says:

    heres a tip=
    buy at the beginning, a pink one and a brown monkey. then just stock up on brown monkeys until you have about 28. spread themaorund everywhere (so they get 2 places at once mostly) then, just save up for the supermonkeys.
    we ended up with 36 lives
    1 pink
    28 monkeys
    5 super monkeys with 3000 bucks left.

  5. sam says:

    i got to level 50 and died

  6. shogun says:

    whats frame rate???????

  7. Tommy says:

    Just beat the game, I used 4 tacks inside the first U-turn and one in the first 90 degree turn, and just worked with tower monkeys until the super came along. I was really frustrated because everyone kept saying ‘easy’! But it wasn’t, but it sure was fun!!

  8. Geeko says:

    I dont think there are any cheats for the game, there are some hacks though.
    I have beat the game almost 4 times now, currently I am working on beating it without losing any health, on lvl 48, I sell everything and buy as much super monkeys as I can.

  9. Jay says:

    this game is so easy, i beat it 1st try lol, with no help/cheats and had about 47 lives left, i think it would be kind of fun to try it with cheats and set up a bunch of super monkeys right in the beginning.

  10. blep says:

    sooooo no cheats?

  11. Jay says:

    just thought this was pretty cool, i won btw!!!

  12. someone says:


  13. random person says:

    in response to post 204… I noted that several posts indicate people who beat it with more money left and more lives. For example post 179 had more than 15K left and all the lives. I took the liberty to find screenshot evidence on photobucket of such a feat.


  14. Austin says:

    Easy game! I finished it in like 20 minutes, and only lost two lives in the whole entire thing! Start the game with ONLY dart towers, get the piercing dart upgrades after you have about ten of them, DON’T get the range upgrade (the range only goes out a little bit, not worth it), and then when you have enough money get one or two bombs. Get an ice tower if you wish, but you don’t need one. Remember to place it within a bomb tower’s range. After your bombs towers get you rich enough, buy a supermonkey tower. They are awesome! Congrats, you’ve most likely just beaten the game.

  15. james says:

    I just beat the game with 18 percing monkeys (one up graded on range) 4 tack towers (one upgraded on range, all range upgrades) and one super monkey. Result: $16,220 and no lives left.
    I previously brought you the concept of using only percing monkeys to get 15K in cash but now with a joint strike force I have pushed the limit to above $16K. (of course this feat is done without cheating…) if you dont believe me add it up. There is just over $30K to be earned and I spent about 14K. Attached is photo evidence of the strategy.
    Some of you may wonder why I report cash levels well it is an easy tower game so to make it fun I try to find a setup that costs the least that is to say I try to find the most effective setup.
    PS I only play maybe once every two weeks and congrats to bOmbEr for successfully testing out the all pericing monkeys method…


  16. james says:

    correction to above post the tack towers were all upgraded on speed and it should say rather than …

  17. james says:

    no lives left it should say no lives lost

  18. sam says:

    i beat it on my 2nd try with 3 super monkeys, 15 mokeys, and 4 cannons with 3700 extra points and 32 lives. one trick is 2 buy a lot of monkeys and upgrade them then buy 3 cannons then after u get a lot of points buy more monkeys then sell 2 cannons and buy a supper monkey then u wont have many problems
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. annie says:

    hi all i just finished the game after trying for 3 nights in a row lol, i finished with $2940, 28 lives, i only used 5 tack towers and 4 super monkeys all of them on full speed and distance. yay i hope i can do it quicker and with more lives, to the person who made the game i think you should add more coloured ballons and more levels i like a challenge, more ballons diff colours more levels and what would be great is to make different paths like change the way the balloons come out and change the path so ppl have more of a challenge also lower the price of the thingys u use to pop the ballooons thanx could someone get bk to me plz on (Admin: don’t post your email address please!) thanx xx

  20. dudeguy says:

    i beat it with 35 lives left…

    ended up with 8 tacks, 4 supermonkeys, 4 bombs and like 2 normal monkeys

    all had the upgrade thats not the range one

  21. Yodaddy says:

    holy crap this game was easy i had 4 supermonkeys nd like 20 of those basic guys with all m lifes left, what u have to do at first is put like 9 of those basic guys in the middle then start saving up for the supermonkey guy and then put 4 more basic guys in the middle and tacks at the beggining. Then just save up for supermonkeys

  22. cockle says:

    easy :P in the beginning of the map, in the first corner put 3 tack towers stacked on each other….in the next 3 way corner stack 5 tack towers in an x formation. 2 monkeys in upper middle, 2 in lower middle. once you get that just save money. finished with 3000 dollars, 4 monkeys, 8 tacks, 5 supers. pwned ;]

  23. :D says:

    i just put my first monkey right at the entrance and then anutha one in the middle…in the end i had like 26 monkeys , 2 super monkeys and 2 tacks

  24. boby says:

    finished level 50 with 23 bombs, 4 tacks, 7 monkeys and one supermonkey

    bombs are good
    don’t need super monkey until level 40!
    don’t save money-spend it
    don’t by epic range-meses you up

  25. crash says:

    i beat this easy only dart towers i had over 120 and full lives

  26. mcgrath says:

    this game was so easy i beet the game with 1 life lost, i ended the game with 5 super monkeys

  27. burae says:

    Hah hah it’s so easy I had three tries and had like 14 lives left and lotsa money.

    I’m trying to beat it with all lives.

  28. Sam says:

    Finished it with all lives and had

    23 Dart Monkeys
    7 Tack Towers
    6 Bomb Towers
    1 Ice Tower
    No Super Monkeys

    all fully upgraded.

    I had $1256 left!

    I played the game two hours in total (every time i played it, not just today)

  29. JF says:

    I beat the game with 5 super monkeys and 40 dart towers
    TO WIN:
    – Start with tons of dart towers
    – Then upgrade to Super Monkeys
    – Spread monkeys out

  30. Don says:

    This game is excellent. My strategy uses 7 dart towers, 5 tack towers, 5 bomb towers and 3 super monkeys. If you place them just right you will not lose a single life. I hope they develop a sequel.

  31. matt the man master says:

    i just completed this game without losing a life

  32. Snowman says:

    I got to Level 40. That was a fun game even though I lost.

  33. bill says:

    i need the cheats

  34. Alex Peterson says:

    wow u guys r horrible at strategy games. i beat easy and medium in one try. the hard one is just giving me some trouble

  35. lola step says:

    i won with only 30 upgraded super monkeys 2 cannons 2 ice towers 4 boomerang monkeys and i got it by cheat engien u get how much money u have and times it by 8 as mant times as u want and by something and ur done u have heaps of money who

  36. josh says:

    completed it with only dart towers no lifes lost

  37. Hacka123 says:


  38. BOB says:

    do it however u want to win, but I say, tacks suk, bombs and freeze are good when there are 2 many ballons (espesially in the second btd) range addon is NOT useless, saved me in the second version when i ended with five lives,
    In the first version u can win purely by spammin dart monkeys and buying the piercing darts, then when ur close to supermonkey, sell a few monkeys and buy the supermonkey
    This game is not hard, its really easy, whoever cant beat this suks at this game and will hav no chance at the second version
    In the second version there are rainbow, lead black and white and all the other types of ballons, raindow hav a bunch of white and black in them, if u spam darts in the second u cant kill the lead ballons, so bombs r good, the freeze isnt useless, bombs can destroy frozen ones
    I beat the first version without losing any lives at all, its really not that hard to not lose a life
    spamming tacks is useless to me, since ballons can go right between the tacks but it does work

  39. josh says:

    ok starting off: Buy one monkey tower and cover the first line and buy another place it to cover a diffrent line buy 10 more buy onley pericing dart upgrade by then all of them(lines) should be coverd by atleast 1 monkey tower then just save up for a super monkey sell the first line coverer(tower) and place him ther repeat for all towers and whala done

  40. Rommy says:

    Well Well,,,,, Tower Defence 2…. Have completed level 1 and two with no lives lost… However not first time of course. Its all about placing your monkeys in the right places. Level one start with monkeys, build up your double popping power on first four, then get cannon. from then on keep getting monkeys and upgrade your cannons. from then on level one will be easy. Level 2, again start by getting two monkeys and build up again double popping power then cannons. Biggest TIP!!!! It’s Knowing when and hw to slow the ballons down so your monkeys and cannons dont stay to far away form the centre of the bourd…. Also i tend to keep my monkeys as close together as possible and all near centre of screen. cannons i normally have about 5 fully loaded at end of level 1 and two. I went back after failing level 3 to do level one again and its so easy now. i finished with !00 lives and completed it with 11 tac shooters 15 monkeys 1 x Boomerang and 6 x loaded cannons. Sounds like how the heck can you get that many. Belive me its easy once you know how. Oh and im on Level 3 now but am finding this very diffacult…. Only got to level 27. My friend managed to get to 40. So you guys that are finding it diffacult to get passed…. then you just need to keep trying…. Dont worry youll get it…. Once youve done it you will think, well thats easy…. I hope some of what ive said will help you guys…. Good Luck…. I will let you guys know how i get passed level 3…… hee hee Ps Level 3 is a tough one…..

  41. Robban says:

    Completed the game…
    14 tack towers
    5 supermonkeys
    And 3 monkeys in the beginning, sold them in level 10-15.

  42. Robban says:

    Oh forgot to tell… i had 1893$ left and 38 lives.

  43. David says:

    dude i played game where tacks r 525 and i still won with 20 lives

    6 super monkey
    8 dart monkey

    that was all i had

  44. Donnie says:

    Is nobody playing the game on the hard setting?! I found it on Kontraband. It has two paths and a orangish background. Alot harder I can’t get past level 34. HELP! oh and if there is a cheat I’d love to know, thanks.

  45. Gessu says:

    I know many cheats for this game 9999 range, 999999999999999 money, 999999999 lives etc. but you need cheat engine for those

  46. elizibeth says:

    This game rox i NEED cheats tellme!!!!!! please i cant even beat easy!! CHEATS!!

  47. Sc1234freak says:

    I won the game with ZERO Super Monkeys, yes it is possible!

  48. carson says:

    i did this with no cheats!!!!!!!!!
    here for tips

  49. carson says:


  50. avery says:

    beat the game using nothing but good old regular monkey darts towers (65 to be exact). easy but fun game though it seems to me that you should have to use something other than the cheapest tower to beat the game, but that’s jsut me