Living Room Magic Escape

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Living Room Magic Escape is the latest Room Escape game from Gamershood.

“Somehow you’re now locked in the living room.

Hint: you need a good memory to escape this place. Let’s hope you have what it takes…”

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 1.94


7 Comments to Living Room Magic Escape

  1. WonderWorm says:

    Can’t figure out Show

    Close to finished, though.

  2. Toxic says:

    I hate it when games have a large clickable area for one place… e.g. I click on a sofa and it takes me to a picture on the wall, I click on a table and it takes me to a plant, I click on a tv/speaker/wall and it takes me to a disc player!!!
    And yes, I’m referring to this game :-/

  3. dg says:

    Quiz: what do you get when you cross Abroy with Timefall?
    Answer: Show

  4. dg says:

    The 4×4 number puzzle: in each connected region, the numbers should add up to the number in the top right (the one with a + next to it). Where you see a 4 without the +, it’s just 4. There’s one rule: the numbers in each row/column should all be different.

    Solution: Show