Number Ninjas

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Number Ninjas is a challenging puzzle, platformer, from Armor Games.

Another game created by Peter Groeneweg, the same creator of the thriller Free Icecream.

This time you move your ninja through each level and solve the equations.

Yes there is some educational value to this game!

Who says education can’t be fun!

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 2.73


5 Comments to Number Ninjas

  1. rc says:

    Fun and different, but stuck at the bottom of the ladder after completing level 5. The R for restart and Quit from the Escape key menu didn’t work.

  2. rc says:

    Well I reloaded and continued on to level 7.

    There the game wouldn’t accept “0 = 3 x 0” as an answer.

    The game also doesn’t use operator precedence, I give up!

    (don’t know what happened to my other comment)

  3. Toxic says:

    Sometimes the number doesn’t jump when I press the up arrow, so it falls down a hole and dies…

    So I’m having ‘fun’ on level 12 :-/