Dassyutu Series – Dassyutu 6

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Dassyutu 6Dassyutu 6Dassyutu 6 is the 6th installment in the Japanese Room Escape game series of the same name.

This new episode features four different endings and your first task is to figure out what is the password required to open the south wall door and start the game.

Not really recommended if you don’t read Japanese!

Have fun!

Source: Nordinho.


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By Eric

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17 Comments to Dassyutu Series – Dassyutu 6

  1. Eric says:

    Password to start the game: Show

  2. Brood619 says:

    Uhg, this game is Show

    All I got so far is Show

  3. Brood619 says:

    Oops, messed up the spoilers, sry.

  4. mammis says:


  5. mammis says:


  6. Brood619 says:

    mammis, where’d you get the Show


  7. Brood619 says:

    Oh, and theres a Show


  8. mammis says:

    I got it Show

  9. eric says:

    whats with the letters in the book on the right side

  10. TwinsFather says:

    Till now after password (thanks Eric)

    Here I’m stuck

  11. Kakurenbo says:

    After you get the black thing you go back to the room with the man in it. He has a yellow door behind him. Click it. You’re done.

  12. roxiedragonfly says:

    so if you

    click the hole and enter

    you get an ending

  13. TwinsFather says:

    I think if you enter the yellow door behind the man you have an early ending.
    There must be something more……

  14. Bessiebob says:

    Put black thing same place as you put windmill

  15. What's his name says:

    What’s the number for the blue thing?

  16. lala says:

    am i playing the right game? i dont even see a bed…only N S E W

  17. mmr says:

    … Any help wif da dassyutu 2???