Bubble Struggle 3

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Fans of the Bubble Struggle series, give a try to Bubble Struggle 3, the latest installment created by Krešimir Cvitanović.

More levels, more contraptions…

More fun!

By Eric

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5 Comments to Bubble Struggle 3

  1. game system before atari says:

    Just to let you know..
    . your web site looks very strange in Mozilla on a Mac

  2. Nigel says:

    level 27 is too hard , ive tried really hardf with a good friend of mine and we have fallen out over level 27 as it is just too difficult please help! :( i dont get what the fuck the black bubbles are and how the hell you’re meant to get across the dangerous bridge of spikessssss! please tell us…. PLEASSSEEEE

    • P-slice says:

      It’s quite simple, the black bubbles follow gravity in the opposite direction. Another way to think of it is that you are walking on the ceiling. As for the spike bridge, shoot the wooden wall above you. It will give you a speed boost which allows you to run over the spikes un-harmed. Hope this helped.

  3. Orange - slice says:

    I cant do level 19, Because the walls cave in and theres too many balls, help?