Flash 512 – Christmas Gift for Girlfriend

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Here is the latest Room Escape game from Chinese website Flash512. Today, Christmas Gift for Girlfriend!

Click one of the three blue buttons below the ad to access the game’s page.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 2.63


20 Comments to Flash 512 – Christmas Gift for Girlfriend

  1. dg says:


  2. tati says:

    I only managed to cut photo with scissors…stuck

  3. dg says:

    Got 12 items, used some of them, now totally stuck.

  4. dg says:

    Hints are set to deliberately confuse you. You have to combine dots in book with digits in phone on dresser, but there is one more digit in each line than digits in phone. So, you can throw away the first digit in each line, but that doesn’t work, or you can throw away the last digit, and that doesn’t work either.
    I’m surprised at their sloppiness. Anyway, thanks to EG24, I got:

    4-digit code for drawer: Show

    Besides this problem, the game is buggy, as items go back to wrong place in inventory and get mixed up.

  5. goldie says:

    Congrats, with help from 24, thnxxxx.

  6. bq says:

    The way to figure out drawer code:

    • dg says:

      This doesn’t work because of mismatch between the number of colors and the number of digits. You have to do some guesswork.

      There’s another bug: if you attach the electronic picture holder to the PC, and then turn left to the scanner, the picture holder disappears, and your girlfriend will not accept any excuses…

  7. Ed says:

    Oh well, and how do you turn the power on?

    • Ed says:

      Ok. I did the “obvious” and Show

      of the drawer. That hopefully will resolve the rest of the game.

      • Ed says:

        Umh, no it doesn’t. Can’t get the memory card to work. this game just doesn’t make much sense it seems…

  8. Ed says:

    What is that circle thingy supposed to be anyway? Looks like a magnet with a wooden inner side.

  9. Ed says:

    I hope I get some help here at some point. I like this game site and refuse to go to EG24 which is so full of crap that it takes forever to load. I wouldn’t be here if I would like to play on that other site mentioned.

    I’ll check back later. Thanks.

  10. dg says:

    Ed – in case you’re still playing:
    Part 1: Show

    Part 2: Show

    • Ed says:

      dg, thanks. I usually come back to games I didn’t finished and will reload it now and try again.

      If I still have problems I’ll post them here and would be appreciated if you would help me out further. There is no rush and will post if I finally managed to finish or tell you where I might be stuck again ;)

      Thanks for taking the time.

      • Ed says:

        Ok. So far I managed the impossible to connect the memory card to the USB stick. What world is the developer living in ???? No wonder I didn’t get further as this part is out of our world we live in and besides I tried that bogus nonsense before it had to be clicked on a illogical and therefore pixel hunting spot.
        I’ll guess I can finish it know, knowing that common sense should not be applied to this game. (they had some decent games before but this one isn’t).

        Thanks dg for pointing me in the right direction ;)

    • Toxic says:

      DPF = Show

  11. Ed says:

    Unlike the developer’s other games, this one is not worth playing, not even worth considering. It’s terrible bad, illogical and has bugs.

    Sorry, but even 1 star is too much for this waste.

    Just hope they’re next one is back to their own and usually much better standard.

  12. Ed says:

    One last thing: I expect some logic in those games and no need for random BS-trying as in the mass production of cheap games with the only goal to click on their advertisement. Hell, we got TV for that.

    And to the site owners: Post more decent games with better promotion to tempt users to click on advertising companies paying for us to have some fun online. One bad promotion out of six takes away any good impression gained before, not talking about the games but the advertisers.


  13. aliceboy says:

    Oof. I really kinda hated that game. Too much poking about at little crap to find something, codes that don’t really make sense, and destruction of the GFs property! :D