Minoto – Rabbit and Tortoise 2

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Fans of Minoto, rejoice: Rabbit and Tortoise 2, the latest Minoto’s Point’n’Click Adventure game is live!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.92


7 Comments to Minoto – Rabbit and Tortoise 2

  1. Toxic says:

    What’s going on in Rabbit Village?! Do they all have myxomatosis?

    And things are still randomly appearing in the inventory :-/

  2. Lorena says:

    didn’t like it..what’s wrong with the rabbits? why are they dead?

  3. sharpshooter says:

    that was just plan weird.

  4. ALB says:

    Well, that was certainly a cheery little game…


  5. baffled says:

    what the…?
    Lets hope all the rabbits are saved the next game.
    Dead/zombie bunnies does not sit well with the usual cutesie style

  6. hilman says:

    poor bunnies, i think they all suffer from famine due to long dry season.. and the rabbit’s trying to rescue them by joining a contest, with the price of cake?