Sneak Thief 4 – Fourth Find

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Sneak Thief 4 – Fourth Find is the fourth installment in the Sneak Thief Room Escape series from Pastel Games.

In this fourth mission, your goal remains the same: “search, collect steal and escape!”

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.00


5 Comments to Sneak Thief 4 – Fourth Find

  1. Ed says:

    Not too hard and nicely made as usual.

    Hint: Items dissapear when they served their purpose.

  2. dg says:

    The finishing touch: Show

  3. Anemic says:

    Can’t get it to run… I assume it’s the ad-blocking plugin.

    • Toxic says:

      That stops games loading for me too.
      Are you using Firefox? I just disable adblock for that page (via the icon in the bottom righthand corner) and reload, works fine then :-)

      • Anemic says:

        Yes, Firefox. I will enable specific sites to use script, but if a site isn’t on the list referenced on the page, I don’t think it’s safe to give blanket permissions.

        I was able to play the game as linked from another site, though.