Detarou – NaniKono Quest

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NaniKono Quest is the latest Room Escape game from Detarou.

This one features five different endings.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.09


13 Comments to Detarou – NaniKono Quest

  1. anne says:

    absolutely stuck
    help please

    • dg says:


      That’s where I’m at now.

  2. jojo says:

    Have a look at the portal – there are several symbols on an arrow shaped strip
    Can you find the symbols somewhere else in the room? But there is still something missing…

    Have a close look into the the sandfilled urns – a very deep look…

    Note the outer symbols on the sundial – found something else by now where they are on? Which are the corresponding inner symbols? And where can you put them? Note direction!

    These hints should you get into the next room.

  3. dg says:


  4. Zio says:

    Got 2 endings so far…
    In one you die.

    In the other, you don’t Show

    at all…

  5. Zio says:

    Got another ending, same as above but with a Show