Jacko in Hell

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Jacko in Hell is a dark adventure game from Pyrozen just in time for Halloween!

“Our friend Jacko is sent on a mission to find the final element that will wake the spirit of Halloween.

On his journey Jacko will have to face daunting challenges that will require some problem solving. Explore areas, collect items and gain new skills!”

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 2.56


14 Comments to Jacko in Hell

  1. dmq says:

    help it won’t let me use extra arm

    • Interesting says:

      It works automatically, there is no inventory or something to “use”. You click, and just reach things you couldn’t reach before, like switches, items etc.

      • Interesting says:

        Sorry, instead of “click” I mean “press space”. Try it to reach the boot in the cage (two screens left from the skeleton that gives you an arm.
        But overall, the game is far far from the fun.

      • karen says:

        thanks for the tip if theres anything i can do for you i’ll do it

      • koolster says:

        do any of you know how to give that guy those boots

    • woody says:

      nor me :-(

  2. meida says:

    there are some bugs in this game
    it got stuck a few times and had to restart

  3. Andy says:

    I sunk into the ground and it stopped responding. Grrr…

  4. Toxic says:

    The arrows dont go the way i want it to go. Nor the letters.
    It’s like stuck in one direction

  5. Catalina says:

    Are the bugs in this game going to get fixed? I was really enjoying it and would like to go on. Any updates would be appreciated :)

  6. Dave says:

    buggy…cant reach the boot, nor any switches

    also got stuck to the left of the altar in the room with 3 switches (2 rooms after hangman)

    • Dave says:

      ahhh…if you get killed, you have to go back and return the dog and get the arm again…huh? :-S

      • Dave says:

        so i get to the guy who wants the boots, give them…get killed leaving…get boots again and he won’t take em…. :-S

        game seems to work best if you never get killed