Ronmiradonno Volcanic Ash – Workshop Escape

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Ronmiradonno Volcanic Ash – Workshop Escape is a nice looking Japanese Room Escape game where you find yourself locked in an unknown place.

Getting out of here won’t be easy!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.35


12 Comments to Ronmiradonno Volcanic Ash – Workshop Escape

  1. Jonhk says:

    dawn hard!!

  2. Anemic says:

    A good game marred by a (seemingly) impossible puzzle.

    Piano code:


    • hilman says:

      funny thing, people in eg24 also don’t know exactly the code for the piano. lol. so it’s rather “random” and brutte force i guess..
      but if it comes from Show

      , then it has language barrier issue X(

      • dg says:

        I think I found the hint after reading Anemic’s comment and knowing what to look for (but it’s a bit far-fetched): Show

    • dg says:

      Anemic – thanks for the piano code!

  3. Jonhk says:

    become straight forward after the “piano”….

  4. PvP says:

    Yeah, Anemic, think you helped everyone out. After this piano-code, the game is not very hard. Even when tou can’t read Japanese…

  5. manami says:

    The CD-cover Show

    Can you find the piano notes now? (^-^)

    • Anemic says:

      That wouldn’t work.


      • hilman says:

        Anemic, cmiiw, japanese letter don’t recognize the letter “l”, instead, they pronounce it as “r”
        so i believe it means as Show

        but slap others if i were wrong…lol

  6. Ed says:

    Missing the left side of the key card. Bummer…