Gravity Pods

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Gravity PodsGravity PodsGravity Pods is a 50 levels vector-based physics shooter / puzzle game created by Keith Peters.

Your goal here is to shoot a projectile at a target. “Of course, there are some barriers, and naturally there is a way around those barriers. By strategically placing Gravity Pods around the screen, you can bend the path your projectile takes, so that it goes around walls, down halls, curves back on itself etc. The trick is figuring out where to put them to lead the projectile to the target”.

Use the up and down keys to move your turret and press space to fire. Use your mouse to drag and drop the different items available on the playfield. Click the intro screen to start the game.

The first levels are training tutorials, but the later ones are quite difficult and take a lot of re-playing. You’ve been forewarned!

Have fun!

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By Eric

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12 Comments to Gravity Pods

  1. Brittany says:

    The first one!!!!!

  2. Brendever says:

    Second one.
    stuck in level 7.

  3. nevrozeman says:

    excellent game … stucked at level 19 !
    can anyone please send a printscreen before I jump out of my window or destroy my pc ?

  4. planeetx says:

    can some1 help me with 35

  5. NetMonster says:

    Level 40 is frustrating…

    Does the game remember your progress? Can I exit it and come back later?

  6. Elais says:

    39 is killing me. I did it once and messed up the saved progress and can’t do it now.

  7. NetMonster says:

    I’m finishing it! :D

    Level 49 is insane O.O

  8. Elias says:

    why does the missile disappear in lvl 48 after a while

  9. Tvmovietom says:

    I am totally stuck on level 50

    I can complete all the other levels with realtive ease, but cannot complete this one. If I just had a few more missiles I would have cracked it. I have even resorted to puttinf little bits of post it not on the screen to mark where good locations for gravity pods are!

  10. Tvmovietom says:

    I did it


    Spent twice as long on the last level as I did on all other levels put together, but it’s done.

  11. ares_26 says:

    how do i beat lvl 30 so hard

  12. Francis says:

    Hey, does anyone has a walkthrough with all angles needed ?