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Kyobiki is another Room Escape game from HILG, the author of Eitini, P-Diver, C Sensor 2, Roof Escape 2, JROOM, Camel Eye, Favorite, Anonymous and many more games.

Click the yellow button in the bottom left corner of the game window to switch between Japanese and English.

Have fun!

Alternative link

By Eric

current rating 2.91


10 Comments to HILG – Kyobiki

  1. Eric says:

    HILG’s server has been busy for the past 24 hours, use the alternative link to access the game…

  2. nick says:

    this is hard.slowly moving on….

  3. Sol says:

    Thank you for the alternative link. The original server is still not accessible.

  4. Sol says:

    Before I go to bed since it’s super-late over here, here’s what I found out (you could call it “walk-part-of-the-way” instead of “walkthrough”):

  5. nuno.ripper says:



  6. nuno.ripper says:


  7. Raika says:

    Solution for the box with the four directions


    As for the explanation, I dunno. I found it on another website.

  8. James says:

    Wow….. I’ve played over 100 Room escape game and this is probably the best example of a Room Escape game where you have to be inside the creator’s head to figure out the slightest hint. Nothing “really” makes sense, everything is remotely logic and most of all looks random. Check this link for a video walkthrough

    I voted 1 only because there’s no minus 50.

  9. goldie says:

    I was stuck with the secret door, but now I can play. thnx so much James.

  10. goldie says:

    Congrats, and thnx James for the link. Out.