Aurora 2

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Aurora 2 is the second installment  in the Aurora Point’n’Click adventure series from Pastel Games.

“Continue your investigation on the Aurora case a few months after the strange events at Red Hill Town…”

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.20


16 Comments to Aurora 2

  1. White Wolf says:

    Not bad. Fairly easy.

  2. aliceboy says:

    What th’–?! That was over before it’d even begun. Nice look and good atmosphere, but more of a point-and-click movie than a game…even more than the first one was.

  3. dmq says:

    To fast and easy.

  4. bcm says:

    I am enjoying this but am missing something, I got as far as Show

    and am stuck

  5. bcm says:

    I have figured it out

  6. afs says:

    cant wait for 3

  7. woody says:


  8. MissD says:

    Does anyone know what to do once you get the rifle?

  9. nick says:

    rather disappointing episode.

  10. ruby says:

    First time I went to play it, it Glitched and speed through the whole game. I would click one then thing then flash forward. Hopefully it works this time :/

  11. Tyler says:

    need help cant get passed house with mary when she went to the station