The Secret of Grisly Manor

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If you’re a fan of Myst, give a try to The Secret of Grisly Manor, a Point’n’Click adventure game by FireMapleGames.

“Your grandfather, a highly eccentric inventor, has mysteriously vanished, and the police have listed him as a missing person. But you receive a letter from your Grandfather dismissing reports of his disappearance!

“Please come at once,” his letter says, “I have something to show you!” Just what is your grandfather up to?

You’re about to embark on a very strange hunt for clues in his foreboding and strange mansion, Grisly Manor.”

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.23


17 Comments to The Secret of Grisly Manor

  1. morr says:

    Fun game, well thought out. Too hard to find the clue for the colors on the globeShow

  2. mona says:

    IT WON’T LOAD )-:

  3. Sarah says:

    The link is not good for me.

    • Sarah says:

      Found a link that works but not playable on Opera (needs HTLM5 they say).

      • Eric says:

        Link works find with Opera and Chrome (latest versions), IE9 and Firefox 6!

      • Sarah says:

        Thanks Eric!

        I wish it was true, really. I tried another game site and on game page it says:

        “This browser does not support HTML5.
        Try the latest version of Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.”

        On (your link) I click on Gamesalad and the game comes up but I cannot “Click anywhere to begin” to play.

        I read this game is short and easy enough and much fun.

      • Sarah says:

        And by the way, dear Eric, it does not matter. ^^

        There are sooo many games on this site for me still to try (plus many BigFish games I bought), and I can always use Explorer if needed.

        Thank again. Have a great day.

  4. Eric says:

    @ Sarah – My bad, you are right, it doesn’t load with Opera!

  5. WonderWorm says:

    I just updated Firefox and Flash yesterday and it won’t load for me. It loaded in Chrome, though.

    I’m stuck. Show

    Hints please?

  6. aliceboy says:

    Fun, neat game, with just the right difficulty level. However, I have to agree with morr: the clue for the globe is a little harder than everything else. I didn’t even realise I could get it, and only found it with help here!

  7. PvP says:

    Great game! I’m out, but it took me a while…

  8. bq says:

    globe Show

  9. Neil says:

    Where is the plug for the bath tube

  10. jeff says:

    i set the clock to 5:40 and no plug came out

  11. Lorri says:

    where is the clue for the globe?I have tried and just cant get the damn thing…any hints or clues here?

    • Zia says:

      Close the study door by using the lever in the hidden path (one leading from the bathroom). Enter study from the main door, you will see a poster on the door. It says “Love key is the to the world”. Go to the kitchen down stairs, note the colors of fridge magnet letters “Love”. Use these 4 colors to open the globe.