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Eitini is another Room Escape game from HILG, the author of P-Diver, C Sensor 2, Roof Escape 2, JROOM, Camel Eye, Favorite, Anonymous, Alloy and many more games.

Click the yellow button in the bottom left corner of the game window to switch between Japanese and English.

Have fun!

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By Eric

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24 Comments to HILG – Eitini

  1. Genie says:

    Loading up now…

  2. jenjo says:

    I have a robot, a screwdriver, a tuning fork (I think). There is something stuck in a crack in the wall that I can’t get yet.

  3. jenjo says:

    I am very stuck. I used the tuning fork, but I have no idea where. You can turn the robot thing over, but I have no batteries. The clock moved, but I have tried turning it to every number and nothing works. ARRRRR!

  4. jenjo says:

    GOT A BOOK! I’m so excited. I don’t know what it means yet, but I’m happy!

  5. eric says:

    how do you get into the clock?

  6. JJA says:

    Go to the four windows that have horizontal bars on them. Open up the second one by clicking on it. Look outside there will a pendulum that attaches to the bottom of the clock

  7. Zio says:

    I’m in the third room !

    to get into the second one, look at the red book, look at

    and … don’t think too much, it’s pretty obvious :)

  8. Sarah says:

    It won’t load. After more than 5 minutes it is still at 0% and loading… and loading. Too bad. Will try again another day.

  9. takagism says:

    the book tells u alot of hints
    first page has clue with numbers upside down
    look at the clock to see the code for the door with a code pad

  10. dg says:

    Got contraption with a dial: Show

  11. dg says:

    Red book: Show

  12. dg says:

    Door code: Show

    In 2nd room: Show

  13. Fnitter says:

    …and out! Had some major problem with Show

    Have to look at their other games as well.

  14. goldie says:

    Fnitter, can you help me please? I have the bomb 0:57:4 but what to do?
    Thnx you.

  15. goldie says:

    It says chicken.

    • Fnitter says:

      Yes, if you stop the time you,re a chicken :o) I did that too, then I tried to let the time run out to see if my computer would explode.
      Then I did like this: Show

    • Fnitter says:

      It seems to work even if you Show

  16. goldie says:

    Fnitter, thnxxxx so much I did it, but the game was for me hard, and now out!!

  17. JJA says:

    I am getting frustrated with the door with all of the magnets on it and the bottle/key
    device! Can someone shed some light on that?

    • Fnitter says:

      Sure JJA