Escape from the Forest House

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Escape from the Forest House is a nice looking Japanese Room Escape game from Nifty.

For an unknown reason, you find yourself trapped in a house lost in the middle of a forest…

Have fun!

Escape from the Forest House walkthrough
(thanks Sol!)

By Eric

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3 Comments to Escape from the Forest House

  1. Sol says:

    Too bad it’s only available in Japanese.
    These are the controls, as found in a trial-and-error way:

    Start screen:
    Left button – Start new game
    Right button – Continue saved game
    Lower button – Overview over the game’s controls (in Japanese)

    Inventory, double-click on inventory object – Examine object
    Button in lower right corner – Options
    (Buttons under options are
    left, then right – save and exit
    right – return to game)

    Walkthrough to …
    First and second ending (unhappy):

    Third ending (good, but still some riddles unsolved):

    Fourth ending (haven’t finished this one yet):

    Now who can read Japanese and find the missing steps for the fourth ending?

    • Vert says:

      Got it. So for that fourth ending:


      And that should be it.