Mosquito and Cow

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“As a mosquito you have to find your way throughout puzzles to ultimately bite a cow. “

A nice Point’n’Click puzzler created by Tomasz Petum Ostafin.

Have fun!

Mosquito and Cow walkthrough (thanks Nfresh!)

By Eric

current rating 3.17


12 Comments to Mosquito and Cow

  1. greywolf says:

    Hey!! any1 playing?

  2. hilman says:

    wow, nice little cute game..
    love the puzzles..
    and don’t forget Show

    to get the bonus level
    as for the bonus level, Show

    have fun guys..

  3. greywolf says:

    Little Help?? for the lightbuld level??

  4. greywolf says:

    guyz.. help needed for the spider and the lightbulb level!!! anyone???

    • ude says:

      The spider level has three steps:

  5. wendydarling says:

    where’s the star on the bug level?

  6. ude says:

    How do i control the lever?

  7. hannah says:

    how do you solve the puzzle ! -__-

  8. NFresh says:


    Cute game but I feel bad for the poor cow :(

  9. sweetaspie says:

    whats the star lever for?