K.O.L.M. 2

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The little robot created by Antony Lavelle is back in K.O.L.M. 2.

“After escaping the clutches of his Mother in the dark dpeths of the facility, he realises that his troubles have only just begun.

Can he once again beat down the voices in his head and prevail?

This time, it’s not just his own neck on the line.”

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.05


8 Comments to K.O.L.M. 2

  1. Apanathi says:

    No comments so far???
    How do I get past the sunbeams or the green acid… ?!?!

  2. Matt says:

    Fun game.

    I can just walk straight into the green acid.

    I found a sunlight shield that gives you a few seconds before you burn up.

  3. ernu says:

    how can you jump while ducking?

  4. Leana J says:

    same question,ernu..

  5. Krainsector7 says:

    Wow,this game is so sad,I played it out of my comfort zone,headphones on. I think they should make a KOLM 3 so we can understand the story-line more.
    Here are some questions:
    1. Who is the daughter?Is she adopted by those robots?
    2. did robby have meat IN him?Or was he all meat including armor?
    3. are they going to make another KOLM?
    4. why did the two robots want the daughter?

    • Decimatrix says:

      1. She was Dad’s and Mom’s daughter when they were still human.
      2. Robby is obviously a human that either got his brain or his personality put into a robot.
      3. If they left it as it was, i think it would piss a lot of people off.
      4. They want the daughter so they can make her a robot.
      Hope that helps, though I thought all those answers were obvious

  6. rob says:

    is it possible to beat father?