Japan World Cup 2

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Found via RockPaperShotGun, Japan World Cup 2, a game all in Japanese where all you have to do is:

  1. Place a bet on a horse in a eight-horse race.
  2. Watch the race.
  3. Repeat!


Have fun!

Please be patient while the game is loading, it’s well worth the wait!

By Eric

current rating 2.90


4 Comments to Japan World Cup 2

  1. White Wolf says:

    Can’t get it to work.
    Took allot of time randomly clicking on the right buttons… (Don’t speak Japanese)
    Finely got to the bet and then it went to black and nothing.
    No sound, picture, or interactive hot spots.
    Tried in IE just in case but same thing.
    Even went out to start the BBQ to give it time to load if that was the problem.
    Still nothing.
    To bad. Some of the horses looked funny.

    • White Wolf says:

      OK.. found the issue. I have cookies turned off. I don’t like not knowing what is being tracked. Turned on cookies for session only and it worked.
      Loved the French entry and the natural gas powered USA. LOL

  2. cmerd says:

    ha ha brilliant!! although where is the UK entry??!!!

  3. Scooter says:

    Is this site still working? I can’t figure out how to make it work