Minoto – Kintarou

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Fans of Minoto, rejoice: Kintarou, the latest Minoto’s Point’n’Click Adventure game is live!

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Have fun!

Kintarou walkthrough (thanks Pocky lover!)

By Eric

current rating 4.37


7 Comments to Minoto – Kintarou

  1. Tweety says:

    Cute enough but the most weird thing was Show

  2. Tweety says:

    It was the reindeer! :P

  3. smjjames says:

    The reindeer stuck in the window and crying/angry was pretty wierd too.

  4. ali says:

    Funny plotline, and weird reindeer.

  5. NFresh says:

    what happens if you press the other buttons on the gorrilla?

  6. Pocky lover says: