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Humbug is a puzzle platformer where you goal is simple: help this poor humbug escape the jail!

“Think out of the box…”

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.07


8 Comments to Humbug

  1. D says:

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think MacGyver had a hand in creating this game! lol!

    VERY clever and ingenius use
    of never-b4-thought-of ways
    to utilize and integrate common controls
    for game-play applications. (well, at least, not in games I’ve played.)

    Refer to already provided game video walkthrough,
    and you’ll see what I mean.

    Final Analysis: This game is CCF!

    • D says:

      IMPORTANT! *
      for me it was hard to make out what the chicken is trying to tell us;
      on my keyboard (and probably yours)
      press Show


      *IMPORTANT! You’ll use it a lot!

  2. Andy says:

    I like this game so far… stuck on the scene with the ‘knight’ and the wanted poster.

  3. hilman says:

    d*mn, this game is so hilarious..
    you really have to think out of the box..
    couldn’t solve it without walkthrough, but i manage to solve it by myself on some levels..
    but, can’t find any secret items.. :(


  4. Jeeg says:

    How to avoid the black goat in the room after the room with three cannon in it?
    The pause key doesn’t stop the goat and I die in the long corridor chased by the goat.
    Cannot figure out a solution.

    Very funny game!

    • Jeeg says:

      I’m so sorry! I found the solution…it has been very funny!!! I’m happy I find t all alone.

      Maybe a I can help someone writing the solution

  5. toby97 says:

    Stuck on the last room xD’

    • toby97 says:

      Sry i found the solution maybe this will help you