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flOwflOwflOw is an addictive flash game produced by Jenova Chen, a student from USC Interactive Media Division in California. The concept of the game is simple: eat, grow and evolve !

In this game, you’re playing a small worm diving in a deep blue space. Move your worm with your mouse, and accelerate by using left click.

Your worm has to eat creatures to evolve and grow up: eat the red ones to go deeper, and the blue ones to go shallower. The deeper your worm is, the darker the space is.

In order to grow, you can eat any smaller creature. If you want to eat multicellular organisms, try to break them up first into smaller pieces, by eating all their major cells.

Small creatures with a <+> sign make you grow longer. You get these creatures when you dislocate multicellular organisms.

If an organism turns to orange, it means it is attacking you. If creatures turn dark blue, they are more vulnerable.

Your journey will end once you’ll have eaten the giant orange jellyfish, living somewhere in the deepest level.

Even if the goal of the game is not really easy to catch at the beginning, flOw is an incredible flash game, with amazing graphics and animations. Surrounded by a superb new-age soundtrack, Jenova plunges us into a really relaxing atmosphere while the main goal of the game is just nothing but survive in a crual world !

With a free download version available for PC & Mac, there is nothing to add but wow !

Have fun!


By Eric

current rating 4.25


15 Comments to flOw

  1. DaDewd says:

    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! I got to level two – the part where you get to play as the circle looking guy. I recommend this to EVERYONE! lol, btw, i’m the first to post yay.

  2. Chrissy says:

    I can’t beat the orange jellyfish! I think I’m still on level one cuz I’m still long but I have like 8 of those arm-y sections but I’m not a “circle looking guy”. Any advice on how to eat the jelly?

  3. Ray says:

    eh.. It’s not a giant orange jelly fish you eat at the end. Its a small little thing with an orange dot in it that appears after you kill the thing that looks like you. (The snake thing with arms).


  4. kapow! says:

    man, I was hoping for a cooler ending


  5. anthony says:

    I thought the game was interesting. I liked how the creatures didn’t only come after the player, they came after everyone. In the second level I saw two worms battling it out as they ate each other and I liked how a few of them were afraid of me. I unfortunately couldn’t find the small thing what I was supposed to eat to get to level three. Did I have to defeat each thing in order?

  6. S.O.A.D. 4ever says:

    Cool game… =)
    And really, really is everything but RELAXING…
    I beat it with snake-thing, but can’t with “circle guy”…
    Same problem as anthony…

  7. Tim says:

    Cool game, but a little glichy. I’ve played it twice. 1st time I got to the end of level two and no orb appeared after beating the worm with the “circle guy” to go on to the next level. Second time I got to level three where I was transformed back into the worm, beat the second main worm and a red orb appeared to go down to the next level. I was eating everything else and the red orb went off screen never to be seen again.

  8. Draikast says:

    HOW ON EARTH U DO THIS!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???

  9. tilala says:

    hahaha i got to level 10

  10. rigelt says:

    there are two campaigns in the PC version (flash). You can also find that out, when you download the stand alone installation and read the xml file wihin the zip archive. Wikipedia points out, that it might be a bug, that many of us – me included – can’t resurface after we completed campaign 2.

  11. devabandicoot says:

    this is friggin amazing game and it’s free!? wow ! thanks flow maker

  12. RiotingPacifist says:

    I finished it as a snake, then as a circle i ate everything, there wasn’t very much of an ending though. is there anything else to do? (i did resurface to check for anything else alive and ate everything!)

  13. pizz says:

    do not go to lvl 3 it takes u back to the beginning

  14. osmodiar says:

    This link doesn’t work, here’s one that does (I just searched)