Jan’s Room 4

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After Jan’s Room 3, here is Jan’s Room 4, the latest Room Escape game from Jan’s Room.

Have fun!

By Eric

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16 Comments to Jan’s Room 4

  1. hector says:

    anybody in?

  2. ratmq says:

    not much luck so far

  3. Em says:

    Found Show

  4. Seti says:

    Stuck at the bottle, chair, lantern, lantern sequence. Got the clue, tried all the combinations, but it won’t open:(

  5. Seti says:

    Look at the wall with short and long logs on it. Count them, you’ve got 4 medium logs, 2 long logs and 7 short logs. This is the code for the box with the logs on it. Get the key, it opens the safe behind the picture. Push the red button, get the clue.

  6. Em says:

    I just figured that out too, seti :)

  7. Seti says:

    Aha! Count bottles, chairs, lamps and lanterns, so you’ve got 6 bottles, 5 chairs, 4 lamps and 3 lanterns. Push them in that order and u will open the safe. If the buttons are not clickable, you have to open the safe on the picture itself. I opened it by brute force:) Then combine the figure you’ve found there with chopsticks, put in on the cross on the table, then get the clue:) Sorry about my messed up messages:)

  8. Seti says:

    And out. Weird, didn’t open the box with the letters on it and didn’t pull the screens from the ceiling. Maybe my ending wasn’t “happy”.

  9. Anemic says:

    Some brute force, some skipped puzzles. Not the best effort out there.

  10. Seti says:

    Didn’t know it was the exit door when i entered it, thought it was a closet with more tools, had no intention to skip the puzzles, brute force i admit, though:) Hope the others will do better and enjoy it more.

  11. WonderWorm says:

    Can’t figure out shapes: Show

  12. Sunken Master says:


  13. WonderWorm says:

    Thanks, but I don’t understand how you got the letter code.

    • ace says:

      I looked up the walk through to figure out the box’s letter code and reverse reasoning

    • me me and me says:

      In fact…