Sneaky’s Paradise

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Sneaky’s Paradise is a new Point’n’Click adventure game from Selfdefiant. Sneaky has been sent to paradise in search of a golden statue.

“The golden statue is not so ordinary though, it holds the key to unknown power. Sneaky must get the statue back before it falls into the wrong hands!

Help him by collecting items and solving puzzles.

Have fun!

Sneaky’s Paradise walkthrough (thanks White Wolf!)

By Eric

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4 Comments to Sneaky’s Paradise

  1. White Wolf says:


    • White Wolf says:


      Using the map with room/floor numbers….

      1-1 Show

      1-2 Show

      1-3 Show

      1-4 Show

      1-5 Show

      1-6 Show

      3-3 Show

      3-4 Show

      3-5 Show

      4-1 Show

      1-2 Show

      1-1 Show

      2-5 Show

      3-2 Show

      3-5 Show

      4-1 Show

      3-1 Show

      1-2 Show

      2-4 Show

      That should get you out.
      Good Luck!

  2. poil says:

    thanks for walkthrough. Even if at the beginning it is not 1-1; 1-2 but 2-1; 2-2…
    To get blue gem, use screwdriver and not hammer (tile on the floor).

    • White Wolf says:

      Holly $#$#@%$%#[email protected]^
      I really mucked that one up… Must have been when I hit the wrong key an killed the link. I had to retype the walk through then didn’t proof read it.
      Thanks for the heads up.. If I could edit it, I would. Hopefully people like you will realize my brain malfunction and get through the game OK. LOL