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Odd PawnOdd PawnOddPawn is an interesting Riddle game created by AWP and DonD that popped up in June 2007.

Your main goal in a Riddle game is to reach the next page by solving the riddles. To do so, usually you just need to change the last part of the URL (The address of the web page) with the word you found solving the riddle.

In OddPawn, simply use the answerbox to enter your answer(s). OddPawn automatically saves your progress and keeps track of all your answers. 50 levels or so are currently available, and the authors plan to add more levels to the game in the future…

Have fun!

Update: the game is playable in FF and Opera – except the sound!! You ‘ve been forewarned!

Update: 09-16-07 – OddPawn v2 is online! The game is expanding and chapters 2 and 3 are up now!

Update: 12-15-07 – OddPawn v3 is online! 50 new levels and two more chapters have been launched. This means that 5 chapters are now available for your riddling pleasure. A few new features has been launched as well, such as online chat at each level and a progress bar showing you how far in the game you are.

Update: 06-01-08 – Chapter 7, The Oddfather is up now!

By Eric

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887 Comments to OddPawn

  1. yash says:

    plzzz Helppp Me On Leve vi (9) Plzzzz

  2. banzil says:

    help with level vi i cant read it plzzz

  3. NotSoSmart says:

    help with level xiiii i’ve been on this level for about 3 days now just can’t get it.

  4. dheydheyy says:

    please help me !!! im stuck at level 7!! the one with te numbers !! please!! help!

  5. roel says:

    Level 47 is driving me crazy, and the official forum seems to be down

    I’m stuck on the fifth egg the one on the beach, but I can’t figure out where to go from there.

    Help please!

  6. maria says:

    level 14 !! the mcfly one i found the actor and the role B.. but i can figure out what to do next !!! help please

  7. Joe says:

    Maria – look at the title of the page ‘Something is very wrong’….

    What on that page is wrong?


  8. olles bror says:

    Please level 15 i dont get it, i tried fenster

  9. BRT says:

    can anyone give me a direct answer to level 50 as well im about to give up

  10. SenhoraDragneel says:

    Hey, could somebody please help me in level 19? I can’t use my Show

    Someone just give me a big clue please :/ i’ve been in this level for days and i’m feeling really dumb :/

  11. carolinar says:

    pleeeease help me with HOTEL i have no idea what the big event is i’ve tried more than 100 different events, i’m losing it xD

  12. randomdude says:

    Guys,i need help at level 6 ASAP

  13. Joe says:

    Stuck on SAM, any help please?!?!?!?