Escape from Tatami Room 2

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Escape from the Art Studio is the latest Room Escape game released by Tesshi-e, the author of Escape from Santa’s Room, Escape from the Art Studio, Escape from the Same Room 2, Escape from Mr K Room 2, Escape from Minshio Restaurant, Escape from Boss Room, Escape from the Big Windows Room, Escape from the Rest House, Escape from Piano Room, The Escape Hotel 2, Mild Escape 3 and many more.

Have fun!

Note: scroll down to play the game.

By Eric

current rating 3.91


20 Comments to Escape from Tatami Room 2

  1. Luke says:

    out without happy coin

  2. Max says:

    solution puzzle 3rdm 4thw
    Must have something to do with calendar but have no idea
    Help plz

  3. Max says:

    found it

  4. MiniTaurus says:

    I think I miss a string to form Show


  5. Sil. says:

    and what about the Show

    in the wardrobe?

  6. Anonymouse says:

    green box- not all the #’s are mirrored, which ones are?

  7. Ready Salted says:

    Ok – I am stuck! Can’t find anything!

  8. Scout88 says:

    Lovely game as usual. Just the right amount of challenge.

  9. Max says:

    Help plz. with slingshot. Show

    • Scout88 says:

      You need to make sure the key doesn’t drop to the ground. Do you have anything you can combine to ‘catch’ the key?

  10. Josh says:


  11. Josh says:

    nvm, i found it.

  12. Max says:

    just logged in. thnx scout88. i’ll go and look for extra stuff.

  13. Max says:

    And yes, out. Thank you for your help. Lovely game.

  14. WonderWorm says:

    I’m lost. I don’t know the code for the scale. I have no keys and everything’s locked. All I have is Show