Goblin War Machine

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In Goblin War Machine, a new exciting physics- based skill game from BigBlockGames, you control an upgradeable war machine, and your goal is to crunch as many pesky humans as possible.

Earn bonuses, upgrade your deadly machine, see those poor humans desperately running before you crunch them (how cruel!), reach the end tower, destroy the king, repeat.

Goblin War Machine features 18 levels of increasing difficulty, tons of upgrade, and is really beautifully done.

Controlling your vehicle while shooting at enemies/building to destroy might be challenging, but I had a lot fun playing this game, and I strongly recommend  you give it a try.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.63


One Comment to Goblin War Machine

  1. Quazy says:

    I would love to try and play the game but it keeps crashing IE.